Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Economics: 2009 Highlights & 2010 Forecasts

In every respect 2009 has been a real bitch!
I will not be surprised if, a few years from now, the number 2009 becomes synonymous with nastiness, catastrophe and bad omen. The superstitious bunch will do everything to avoid that number like a plaque. 2009 shall forever be remembered as the year the bottom fell out of the global economy setting an unprecedented chain reaction of business failures the like of which has not been seen in modern times.
All the vital socioeconomic indicators of the year have been abysmal.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that when the hard statistics of 2009 are finally computed and analysed, the extent of devastation in terms of cost and human capital will be substantial. Millions of workers, investors and entrepreneurs have already lost their livelihoods and, with it, the middle class lifestyle they have built over the years for themselves and their families.
2009, in a major positive way, will be benchmarked as the starting point of a new global economic order. So as the year screeches to an eventful end, it is hoped that the many victims of what has been the annus horribilis of the global village will find some reasons to expect a quick recovery of fortune.

The Global Economy 2010
With the death of the laissez faire free market franchise, the birth pangs of the evolving global economic consensus will continue to be felt in 2010 and beyond.
The emergence of the new global economic order and with it the shift of economic momentum to the East will continue to accelerate, breathing new life into the economies of the global South.
However, the economic prospects of many emerging economies and developing countries alike will continue to experience some form of constraints or even deterioration in the short to medium term as a result of diminished demand for their exports in the United States, Europe and Japan.
My expectation is that the present positive momentum will cause the tide of the global economy to rise significantly in 2010 and lead to a deepened optimism among consumers in the northern hemisphere and subsequently a rebound in global economic activity. Consumption in the East will pick up considerably.

Obama’s America in 2010
The resurgence of the global economy will not happen to the extent that it should until the economy of the United States is up and running. There are already tangible signs of an up-tick in economic activity. The most plausible scenario is that the new health care bill will pass and there will be a steady increase in employment coupled with some easing of the tough credit regime by financial institutions. These and other measures will unleash positive sentiments which will inevitably lead to increased consumption in 2010.
Having said that, 2010 will still be a pretty difficult year for the American economy in general. Barack Obama and his economic team would need the wisdom of the gods, the political acumen of Dwight D. Eisenhower and the economic wizardry of Franklin D. Roosevelt to get the economy booming again.

China, India and The East in 2010
China and India will continue to consolidate their emergence as the flywheel of global economic development in 2010. The role of the two countries in the economies of the developing world will gain momentum in 2010. You can count on their ferocious appetite for natural resources to boost commodity prices in the second half of 2010 as the momentum of global demand begins to pick up. China and India will once again grow at breakneck speeds.
And China will once again be at the forefront of investing in Africa’s infrastructure projects and in the acquisition of large chunks of her natural resources.
I foresee some simmering tension in the relationship between America and China as the weight of Chinese influence continues to grow in 2010 and beyond.

Africa’s Economy in 2010
The emerging tigers of Africa will keep on doing well.
A 5% continental growth average is the conservative forecast.
With the recent reforms in Africa's agricultural sector, the productivity and output of the sector is expected to increase in 2010.
Africa’s infrastructure development will continue to occupy the centre of economic planning and development. Chinese companies have proven themselves as reliable partners in the provision of basic infrastructure across the continent and will continue to get the bulk share of such projects in 2010.
The inexplicable dearth of big American and European non-oil investments into Africa is not expected to change in 2010. Little to no change is expected of the traditional and conservative we-will-come-if-you-do-what-we-tell-you approach by investors from the northern hemisphere towards Africa despite the unprecedented and growing profit margins Africa offers compared to other parts of the globe.
The rate of growth in trade between Africa and China is expected to grow faster in 2010 than in recent years with the maverick, China, expected to overtake the pace of US investments in the continent.
Sadly the overwhelming reliance on her trade with China will inevitably lead to economic security issues sooner or later for Africa. African countries will need to diversify not only their produce but also their international trade arrangements to offset the unhealthy dependence on big brother, China.
I predict that a great deal of political security issues will continue to bedevil the usual suspects in our corner of the world. The Guinean crisis, the Zimbabwean turmoil and the challenges in Niger and the DR Congo as well as the political quagmire in the Cote d’Ivoire will linger on throughout 2010.
Expect some erosion of economic development in these places by the end of next year.
Expect little change in the economy of Ghana in 2010.
Expect the Oil money to begin to trickle in by 2011.

Wishing you and yours a blessed twenty thanks!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Africa:Ours, Yours, Mine

ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com
A.F.R.I.C.A . . .
Favoured with potential
Enamelled with rugged credential
Blessed with nature
She rises to nurture
Perfumed with pearly sunshine
All rises to the emerging valentine
Wild wind in her sail
Step not on her tail
Test not her ruthless aptitude
Beware the abiding fortitude
Her irresistible lure
The controversial allure
Mother of all
We love you

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fate Or Choice?

I could not believe my eyes
The last time I saw him
My best childhood buddy
Hair hyper-greyed
Head bowed eternally to the gravity of indignity
Shoulders sagging to the tunes of depravity
Pot- bellied by the cruelty of his blight
A beautiful life wasted by the misery of his plight
A precious soul arrested by the animosity of his circumstance.
When and where was the wrong instance?

In this season of goodwill, please remember those less fortunate than yourself.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Life, Money & Meaning

In Jozi's glitzy suburbia
The dirt-poor bloke licks his cracked lips
As the flashy wagons breeze by
Wondering how it might feel to have it all

The filthy-rich dude bites his reddened lips
A sitting duck in the Q7 as wretched masses dive and dock by
Wondering how it might feel to lose it all

Thursday, December 10, 2009


In an attempt to explain the sordid exploits swelling around
the Tiger,one of the guys in the office blamed it on biology.
According to him high achievers and alpha males are loaded
with incredibly high levels of testosterone.
And this very same hormone dishing out the competitive advantage
is responsible for his inability to keep the cudgel in the pants.
Therefore we all must give the Tiger, the W'oo'unded one, the break.
He's just being driven bonkers by the tiger inside, you know.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dream Of The Complacent

We have traveled so far
Now on this mountain
Of reminiscence
We remember
Our solemn covenants
And dripping dreams
We count
Our harvest
We celebrate
Our blessings
See the bountiful seeds
Sprouting giants
In blooming fields
In the shade
Delicate flowers
In regal swirl
The sweet aroma of victory
All around
By and by
Ripe fruits under the feet
Here and now
Come dance to our sacred toast
We will walk so tall
Fresh breathe will fill our lungs
Our season is here
Our moment beckons
We will thrive as we've dreamt
We have been our best cheer leaders
So here we say
Let us take rest
Our heels need cooling
For tomorrow's war is already won

Game Of Chance?

Forget about serendipity. There is more to this than meet the eyes.
What is the probability of running into the same lady, a casual acquaintance, in three different places in three days?
Whilst you are mulling over that, the first thing I noticed on each of the 'random' encounters is the lecherous stir in her eyes. The third encounter did set alarm bells in the mind.
What did I do on the third occasion? I faked a smile and move on with my business, ignoring her. But deep within I felt there was something sinister going on.
Am I being paranoid?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Susan Boyle on the Boil!

Scottish singing sensation, Susan Boyle is making a name for herself and in the process raking in serious bucks. Her star is about to shine like you wont believe it!
Having come up second in the 'Britain's Got Talent' reality show, Ms Boyle is carving a place for herself in the global music industry. She has already sold over a million copies of her debut album I Dreamed A Dream in the UK and US alone. Currently enjoying an unprecedented run in the charts both the US and the UK, she is on her way of becoming a superstar. Ms Boyle has sold more than 410 000 copies of I Dreamed A Dream - the biggest first week sales for a debut album in British chart history.
The album has outsold the rest of the top five albums combined, including boyband JLS, Black Eyed Peas and Queen. The 48-year old Boyle is also climbing the US charts and "is already outselling Rihanna, Lady Gaga and 50 Cent", according to her spokesperson.
A fascinating example for all late bloomers.
May her star as well as yours continue to shine in years ahead.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ali In The Morning!

On a frank note, I am finding it incredibly difficult to post lately.
Time constraints as well as a persisting state of acute weariness are having their toll on me.
So blogging is the last thing on my mind these days. Even when the inspiration is there, the energy to write, finish and post is often absent. Judging by the high number of unpublished posts, I am surely suffering from a form of blog fatigue. Lol.
I hope that somehow my cup of tea does not become my cup of frozen tea!

I have been reading some of my posts and you simply cannot imagine how much I am embarrassed by the sheer number of errors- grammatical and otherwise.
I wonder how anybody could make sense of some of the things I wrote. I couldn't!
Clearly I am not even close to being meticulous as I thought I was. Sorry folks for all of the incoherent sentences and the misspelt words I have left on this wall. What a torture!
Will do my darnest best to write better.

The story of a secondary school friend helps me to take a lighter look and laugh at myself.
KS was good at talking the queen's language, writing it though was a brutal challenge. He was the ultimate butcher of the English language( and perhaps of all the other languages he learnt at school) because he was the type of guy who simply wrote words the way he heard them. In hindsight, I think he was dyslexic.
"Ali in the morning" was his way of writing "early in the morning"!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Sore Tooth

At the uber-sanitized office of the dentist
Minding my own arching business
Steeling myself for the eminent torture
A mysterious huntress with a crooked pursuit
Invades the serene quarters
Mischief spelt all over her facade
Long legged
Swaying hip
She screeches to a practised stop
And unloads her wobbling behind
Unto the seat right opposite me
Then proceeds to undo a button of her blouse
To let provocative boobs to hang
The teasing lips
The Polluting eyes
Right in my face
Now I am in need of something more than dentistry
My Spirit
My soul
My core
All scream out
Remove this sore tooth
Right now

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


An unsaintly hour tiptoeing
Above folksy heads
Humanity discarded
True friendship banished
Exotic options on every table
Faked sophistication
Meaningless busyness
Twisted motives
Cheated trust
Pretence all around
Empty smiles
Grip and grin
We crave company
In this belly of loneliness
We cry out for purpose
In this sea of mundanity
We thirst for community
Lost in our own alienation
Multitudes in maddening rush
For the very empty dreams
For which many have sold their souls
I see many standing
At obtuse attention
To the modern anthem
As they push headlong
To the place of slaughter
Bewildered dreamers
Meandering adventurers
Floating in unfamiliar spaces
Lost in the modern wilderness
Wondering aloud
We have arrived and yet we feel so lost
We have evolved and yet so unfulfilled

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What About Love III

Around the corner
The sound of an approaching car
"It must be him", she mused blithely
And peeped through the windows
Heart pulsating
Mind in blissful quest
Her body
Ready for some loving
She glanced
On the wall
A clock
Ticking away
The sweet perfume
Hanging watchfully
In anticipation
"Yes, I am ready", she whispered
Inhaling the love in the air
Phone rings
"Honey, you wont believe the good news"
"There is this deal I have to close today"
"There is good money in it"
"I am sorry I wont be able to come right away"
"See you around midnight"
"Hope you understand"

Friday, October 30, 2009

What About Love II

The phone rings
"Yes", she answered
"It's me sweetie." He began
"Look, I have been thinking hard"
"Oooh, about what ?" She probed
"About your words last night."
"I guess there is something deep in there"
"I promise I will make it up, okay?"
"Okaaaay" she intoned warming with delight
"Henceforth you will be loved like you cannot believe it"
"Today, I will be home on time"
"See you later"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What About Love?

She says,
"I want love"
He replies
"I am always there for you in and out"
"I do my best to ensure that our needs are met"
"You go to sleep with a smile on your face"
"What then do you, woman, mean by 'What about love?'? "

Friday, October 23, 2009

Africa: One Billion & Counting

Some time before the end of this year, somewhere on the mother continent, the billionth African will be born.
It is remarkable in itself that the population of Africa has breached the critical 1 000 000 000 mark. In spite of the chillingly brutal history of slavery, colonialism, racism and the other atrocities of mass destruction that have been unleashed upon Africans for centuries, we have not only survived in our own continent but continue to show extraordinary resilience even in the most challenging and culturally inhospitable regions of the globe.
The dynamics of Africa’s population growth suggest that her portion of the global population will continue to increase going forward.
It is estimated that by 2050, the population of Africa would have surpassed those of India and China.
Such an expectation is bound to present a number of interesting scenarios.

First scenario

1) Economic growth across the continent continues to gain momentum. The quality of infrastructure, education, health care and other leading indicators continue to improve across many parts of the continent. Democracy, political stability and the rule of law are entrenched. Africa’s share of global trade and investments begin to accelerate lifting millions of Africans out of poverty. Africa at peace with itself and with the global village. A sustainable trajectory of prosperity is established.
The growing population and prosperity leads to a formidable African market.
More FDIs and businesses set up in Africa leading to more prosperity across Africa.
Africa finally at her best.

Second scenario

2) Majority of African countries keeps to the status quo. The rate of economic growth and development across the continent is virtually at par with the rate of growth of the population leading to stagnation in human development and standard of living. Education and health care and other social services are at best mediocre for the growing population. A cycle of under-performance becomes the order of the day.
Africa barely surviving.

Third scenario

3) Economic and political mismanagement worsens across Africa. Economic growth and development falls drastically below the rate of growth of the population. Poverty, unemployment, instability and conflicts worsen. Infrastructure, education, health care and other essential services in total disarray. Africa’s share of trade and investment declines further throwing millions of Africans into debilitating poverty. Unemployment, lack of essential skills, instability and conflicts worsen.
Capital flight, brain drain, unfavourable climatic pattern intensify worsening agriculture leading to dire economic and social situation in many places.
Africa on the ropes.

The way forward

Let African countries as a matter of urgency relax the unfriendly laws and regulations that hinder intra-African trade and investment and quicken integration within the various regional economic blocs. The fragmented markets as they pertain today will never on their own unlock the tremendous synergies available that could be realised in a market with a 1000 000 000 consumers.
May the birth of the billionth African bring a billion answers to Africa’s developmental challenges.
Long Live the African dream!
Long Live Africa!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Strange Equation

Driving by a park yesterday
A grungy midgeted dude
Wholeheartedly frolicking a gorgeous dame
His caricatured hands all over the pivotal bits
Her dainty appearance spelt a chequered extraction
The nakedness of self-underestimation discernible
In the feasting eyes of the uninvited

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Little hero

In front of me
On a zebra crossing
A little girl
On her way to school
Her little frame hidden
Behind the monstrous bag at her back
Her strident determination
With an iron will
She trudges
Her angelic eyes
Adorned with
The rarest of smiles
Waves of inspiration
In her dogged steps
With copious delight she waves
It is her way of saying
Wish me luck
Today's fleeting encounter
Has left me with
This wondering thought
About this believer
My psychedelic hero
With an effortless passion for life
I can't stop asking myself
From where is this loaded conviction?
Is it spiritual?
Is it genetic?
Is it nurture?
To this nameless scholar
My sincere gratitude

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Would You Accede?

She is 35+
Pretty faced
Good body plumage
Excellent aesthetics
A very serious professional disposition
A clinician
She broached the idea of making a baby with a family friend
All she wants is for the dude to do her and get her pregnant
She does not expect his involvement in future of child
Friend is seriously married with children
And willing to help by donating sperm but hesitant to do her
Like a lioness on heat she insists to be done
My take is keep away and sing to wife if she keeps pushing
Should he do a 'good Samaritan'?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

By Luck Or Design Long Life Is In Her Degrees

Dude listen. And listen real well.
Research conducted by the Swedish Institute for Social Research in Stockholm point to the fact that an educated wife is the best thing any man can wish for. Lol.
The gist of this clever research is this simple: If you want to enjoy a long happy life, marry a highly educated woman. In other words go for the ones with the highest academic titles: the doctorates as in PhDs, DScs, LLDs etc. I suggest you keep a printed copy of this research for your own good. As you are aware, the sisters with strings of letters after their names will, as expected, question your audacity for even trying to ask them out. All you would have to do henceforth is shut up and hand her a copy of the research findings.
If you are unable to land any of those with the highest academic letters, at least take an aim at those with MAs, MScs,MPhils,LLMs,MEngs. Do you copy?

The second inference from the research is that you have a reasonable scientific excuse or even responsibility to ditch your current one with only a BA, BSc, BCom as soon as you land that beautiful professor.
If your current does not have anything higher than a HND, I suggest you cease talking to her altogether. You will be dead before you could say 'honey'. Unless of course you want to be placed on the endangered species list. Do you still copy?
Men in African societies, especially those of us with academic insufficiency( ie without a PhD), are socially primed to tie the knot only with women with a string of degrees or qualifications inferior to ours. This patriarchal dispensation has ensured that many of the sisters who have obtained higher degrees are ostracised and punished for being book long.
Now the floodgates have finally been opened. So hunters go for the big fish. Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!
Not only must we encourage our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters to go for the highest degrees available, we must also push them to upgrade their academic arsenals as often as is possible. Otherwise no sane man will hang around them any longer. Get that?

As for me, I am going to literally drag my sweetheart to go for that degree she has been dreaming of all this while. My reasons for opposing that pursuit are no longer valid.
After all 100 years is my minimum expectation henceforth.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Am Trying To Understand

Life . . .
Bundles of memories
Like sparks dancing in thin air
Each one
Formula one seeds
Created to race
In the moment of passion
Desires whispered
Invitations in our hearts
We make our ways
Paths to weave
So we move along
Leaving behind us
The others
The wannabees
From one chamber
Into another we make our way
Into a new world we are summoned
Two breasts on the plate
We feast
We watch
We master
Then we move along
Leaving behind us
The shared moments
Parts of ourselves
Strewn across the fields
And so we continue
Our cravings
Our pursuits
Over the distant horizons
The blessings we seek
The fairly land of our dreams
So we move along
Never knowing
The destination
The reason
The Agenda
And yet we continue
And again
Hoping that one day we will
And understand
Then one moment we stop
And look back
And consider
How far we have wandered
And yet we have still not arrived
So many memories
So much undone
So much to share
We ask ourselves
Is that all?
Was it worth it?
This experiment
This journey
Life is ...
Bundles of memories
Spread yours
Share yours
Enjoy yours

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Improper Fractions

Restless souls
Prisoners of vanity
Rolling stones
In perpetual motion
Improper fractions
Defying logic
KM was one of them
An Uncle dearly beloved
Was close to half a century when he dropped
The fatal flaw
Unwillingness to stick to only one dearly conjoined
He lived a passerby's dream
Wilds seeds sown across the field
Fatherless mob
Incomplete souls
Unanswered questions in tearful hearts
I am crying
I am cringing
Is there a way to repair the breach?
Will the genes receive redemption?
I dread a replicating portfolio full of bile
Circles of shame sprouting behind the barns
I spare a thought
I say a prayer
Concoctions from above thrown across the fields
Healing balms in view
A new horizon
Rains of restoration pouring down
Garments of praise on the lines
There is hope after all

Friday, September 25, 2009

An Antiquated Anomaly: Mugabe @ the UN

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to President R G Mugabe of Zimbabwe speak at the 64th session of the UN General Assembly.
Two words in particular from his speech struck me for their surreal portrayal of how he is perceived in the eyes of millions of of his country folks and in the minds of many others throughout the world.
In my mind, it was as if the chump was letting the whole world into the deep reflections of his own soul. Those two words so masterfully encapsulated a coded and subtle message of his own subconscious mind meant for his own sui generis perusal.
That address was not meant for the august assembly but for his own person.
The world will be a better place, if only Gabriel Robert Mugabe would accept that he is indeed an " antiquated anomaly".
Methinks that his own soul thinks so.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Night rituals: A Summary Of A Man

After a busy day at work
Finally he is at home
He waits
Seductions prepared
Fit for metabolic tank
Caveman's chemistry
Crying for appeasement
Testosterone's appetite
Generous portions
Meat and carbohydrate
Wanton calories
Gulped down

He heads for the sofa
Grabs a newspaper to summon the god of sleep
Blissful snoring soon arrives
Diverse gears of rhythm beckoned
Pulsations of bliss echo

At last
He wanders his way to the cave
The bedroom
Her oestrogen-crafted body waiting
Hands reach forth
Heated bosoms
Blissful sounds
After the act
He turns around
The night
Now ready to receive him
The work is done
Another day ahead

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Favourite Ghanaian

Times have changed and the world is a very different place today from what it used to be years ago but the ideals for which millions of Ghanaians have stood and died remain the same.
The dream of most Ghanaians is for our nation to stand on her feet and soar to the highest possible height. We do not desire to be called a dirt-poor third world country.
Ghanaians want to have access to good health care, excellent education and enough food on our tables. We want to live in decent houses in clean cities, towns and villages. We want clean drinking water in our homes 24/7. We want our families and communities to be safe. We want decent jobs. We want our built environment, our infrastructure, to be at par with the best of the world.
Alas for more than 52 years our dreams have just remain that. Dreams.
As a people, we have not been very successful at translating our collective aspirations into a set of tangible progress. It appears to me that we are barely coming into terms with what it takes to harness the forces of development.
One sure thing though.
Our finest hour will not come through the politicians; neither will it come through the sole effort of the government.
What will usher Ghanaians into the orbit of progress is a massive growth of a critical mass of well-trained enterprising individuals and innovative private businesses driven by science and technology.
Education, training and research are the essential ingredients of the menu of economic growth and development of any nation. Ghana is no different.
In this endeavour, the effort of one man stands tall.
Patrick Awuah is an ambitious young man with a noble dream.
Here is a man who has given up a lofty job at Microsoft and sacrificed a comfortable life in America to return to Ghana for the purpose of building a dream, planting a seed with the potential to set our nation on a winning path.
A man of visionary leadership.
An entrepreneur.
A dreamer.
A patriot.
An architect of continental renaissance.
An individual who is committed to carving a place for his people in the comity of nations.
Today Mr Awuah's dream, Ashesi, is already changing the face of Ghana and Africa.
Many of Ashesi's well-trained and enterprising graduates have entered the corporate world of Ghana and beyond. The fledgling well is already quenching the thirst of our emerging economy. With the construction of the new campus at Berekuso, the role of Ashesi in Ghana's future is about to be consolidated, and with it, the expectation is that more Ghanaians will have access to the quality education that Ashesi offers.
For the nation-transforming effort, Patrick Awuah is my favourite Ghanaian.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bringing The Baby Home

Its the way she walks around
The champagne coloured beau
She sees a devoted toy
I see an exquisite babe
She sees a stylish squeeze
I see a brutal beast
She feels the purring vibes
I feel the maintenance pangs
Its the breed she has fallen for
Another pricey horse in the stable
Its the fact that she is coming home pretty soon
Will know how it feels to mount her
Vorsprung durch technik
A wife's fascination with a car

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Is What I Am Hearing

Woe to the hopeless dreamer
Ever yearning for the future
Always clueless of the present
Never learning from the past
For the future never comes
The present is all you have
And the past is the teacher

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When The Devil Takes Early Morning Traffic

Driving to work today was an absolute nightmare.
It was extremely awful.
First was this lunatic driving a silver Toyota 4x4 Hilux who failed to stop at the 4-way stop, in the process almost causing an accident and then he had the cheek to shout like a maniac at me for pointing out his fault.
Knowing the high degree of road rage incidents in which many souls have lost their lives in South Africa, I kept my cool.
A couple of hundreds of metres later, I was in a roundabout and this white Merc just cut in front of me. I had to apply emergency measures to avoid bumping into the side.
As if that was not enough, he then proceeded to drive at a snail’s pace only to stop abruptly on the single-lane road for no obvious reason. A couple of hoots from other disgruntled drivers later, he casually put his hazards on and angrily waved everybody on.
However because there was traffic from the opposite direction, nobody could proceed.
Folks begun to hoot aggressively.
The devil then jumped out of his car, emitting loads of expletives, daring for a fight.

He was housed in the body of a bouncer, a mean-looking beast high on toxic energy and obviously in search of a prey.

Like me, everybody kept quiet, choosing to stay away from the wrath of the bully.
So he swaggered back into his car. His posture telling a pretentious story of someone who wanted all to believe that he had single-handedly won world war III.
His sadistic satisfaction directed at our expense.
Thank God nobody got hurt.
But the worst torturer today was the driver of black city golf.
As if he was crying for attention, he had put the bone-shaking ghetto blasters on full blast playing Mandoza’s ‘Nkalakatha’ with all his windows opened at around 7 am. Lol.
The sadistic grin behind those sun glasses was his way of showing us the middle finger.
Today, it seems, the devil decided to take early morning traffic.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I think I know who to blame for the messy saga
I am afraid Regina has gone awanger
I should have known right
She never gives up on the dight
Her mother raised her a minx
A kitten devoted to tawdry jinx
After so many parted years
Having it off with me willy-nilly

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soweto Arising

In the beginning
South western township
Apartheid's footstool
Outcasts' kraal
Lachrymal fields boiling
Stoical intercessions ascending
Anguish amplified
Redemptive eclipse magnified
God smiled
Time winked
Mandela waved
Soweto saved
Today alive
The Enamelled ebony
Oozing eclectic charm
The Bejewelled bride
Strutting her stuff
Comfortable in her own skin

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What The Choker Taught Me

Life, it appears to me, has incredible, sometimes strange, ways of reminding us of the lessons hidden deep within our hearts and minds.
Years ago, a bosom school friend demonstrated the classic signs of a choker! The type who will brag exceedingly and talk about his incredible bravado in the presence of his mates but run for cover at the very first sign of a challenge.
The challenge in his case was the love of a girl: telling a girl that he really liked her. Lol.
The most popular girl in the neighbourhood had manifested an interest in him.
Obviously blown away by the charming beauty of the girl, the otherwise brilliant chap begun to act like a wimp. He was the classic case of an emotional retard in the company of girls.
Whenever we were in the company of this particular girl, he would chicken out and become helplessly dumbfounded not uttering a single word until the girl was gone.
The poor guy's behaviour was completely unexpected, unreasonable and perplexing in the utmost. We, his friends, were baffled by his strange fear.
As much as we tried to coach him to go for the kill, the poor chap could never bring himself to say anything meaningful to the girl.
Instead, he would brag about the blooming love between himself and the maiden to every one of us, his buddies, who cared to listen.
Even though the girl did everything possible to encourage him to step forth, he could simply not overcome his fears.
As is always the case, before he could muster the courage to open his mouth, another neighbourhood dude had stolen his thunder and his prey.

Last night, life brought me a 'sankofa' moment.
I was talking to another friend on the phone and he talked about this friend. And all of a sudden the events I have narrated above begun to flood my mind. Then I remembered something. The behaviour of this friend taught me a great lesson in life about the importance of taking risk.

Fear is the undoing of many people.
The fear of rejection, of ridicule, of failure, of the unfamiliar ... continue to keep many good souls by the way side far from the very best.
As much as is possible I will continue to live my life in such a way that I will be able to grab every opportunity and chance, that come my way, with both hands.

A belly full of regrets is not something I wish to entertain at any point in life.
So I am reminding myself again today to strike while the iron is hot.
And Whilst at it to do so with a good measure of a killer instinct .
That, I believe, is a promise worth keeping to oneself!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Two former top-of-the-class students
Now aspiring entrepreneurs
Sit in rickety crap in a snaking traffic downtown
In the distance the arresting siren
A leader being escorted in tax-funded convoy
Soon the show comes into view
Seconds of sharpened focus later
The unmistakable image of their former classmate
The bottom-of-the-class chump
Now a minister of state
The theatre of the absurd on a taunting display

I Fought Back!

Whether unscrewed, unfused or confused
I cannot fathom
But there he stood
Right in the middle of the corner road
His face and motive unreadably hidden
At my hooting
He turned
Gave me the middle finger
And a sadistic grimace
And so I rolled
The window
And flashed him
A soothing smile
The wonder-working kind
It must have worked
For when I returned an hour later
The theatre had long closed

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beyond The Pale

Behaviour scientists, I now believe, are not the only bunch who are fully persuaded that the supreme interests of men primarily revolve around three issues: chicks, cars and booze.
Even a sect of the much respected domain of biology now postulates that mother nature is also a believer in this far-fetched psychology of men. They point to the fact that the population of the female specie is increasingly outpacing that of the male and they ascribe this phenomenon to the redeeming work of mother nature. According to them, mother nature, being the good economist that she is, is trying really hard to meet the insatiable demand of men for sex by supplying more chicks! They call that demand and supply. Don't they?
So yes, obviously mother nature like most mothers love her boys. And how do you show your love for your boys? By providing in abundance what makes them happy. . .Chicks! Lol.
I don't believe for a second that men are necessarily helpless in self-control in the matters of chicks. For goodness sake, we are not all obsessed with sex. Or are we?
I have got a beautiful, delightsome and responsive wife. Once in a while I may inadvertently steal a glance at a beautiful chick walking past, but I know how to control myself.

Another group of 'weirdos' who are not only believers but practitioners of this codswallop are marketers and advertisers. We are bombarded ad nauseam with flicking ads of men apparently enjoying the best that life has to offer, gulping down tonnes of beer and other forms of booze. Those who don't drink, are made to feel like a lost generation, a hopeless lot unaware of what they are missing.
I refuse to fall for their mind games. The last time I checked water was still better than anything with a percentage above 5%. After all the last time somebody gave me a certain beverage to drink, I felt totally drowsy after only five sips. When I finally brought myself to read what was written on the bottle I realised to my horror of horrors that the 'non-alcoholic beverage' was in fact 5%.

Then, oh yes, C.A.R.S. Geez. I love cars. I love the smell of new leather seats. I love the feel of pedals under my feet. The purr of a smooth engine responding to my every command is almost irresistible. But again nothing can make me go and spend tonnes of money on a new ride just because someone decides to play a sublime trick on my mind by showing an ad of a dude gliding down the road in a latest German car.

The question is what is so difficult about staying true to oneself?
What drives these middle-age, married men to not only cheat on their wives but also pat each other on the back whenever they gather around the booze alter to chat about their latest wild escapades with chicks and of course fantasize about the latest cars.
Is that all there is to the world of men? Is that what respected family men are expected to do?
Or perhaps is it true after all that the modern man is not all that evolved as we want to believe that we are? Probable today's men are still cavemen in every sense of the word.
Next time I meet with my friends I will introduce something pretty decent. We shall talk about, erm, . . . architecture, the architecture of love.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Applied Hysterics

Today, I invite you to come with me to indulge.
This one concerns one heck of a journey.
The incredible journey of laughter.
So here we go.

"A little boy opened the large old family Bible,
and he looked with fascination at the ancient pages as he turned them one by one.
He was still in Genesis when something fell out of the Bible.
He picked it up and looked at it closely.
It was a very large old tree leaf that had been pressed between the pages of the Bible long ago.
"Momma, look what I found!" the boy called out.
"What do you have there?" his mother asked.
With astonishment in his voice, the young boy answered,
"I think it's Adam's underwear!"

Laughter can be healthy, non-demeaning, non-ridiculing and incredibly liberating.
That is why laughter, they say, is the best medicine.
It has the capacity to unleash physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits that most people, particularly those accustomed to the conservative lifestyle of sacred seriousness, are blissfully unaware of.
Laughter is so therapeutic. It is the perfect antidote of boredom, moodiness, stress, anxiety, anguish, depression and paranoia-- major sources of many debilitating diseases and disorders .
I am now one of those people who believe that each of us is born with the gift of laughter.
Come to think of it, apart from crying, the most universally important language of every baby is laughter.
Laughter has become a serious business all of a sudden in the über stressful, almost neurotic environment we live in. That is why comedians are laughing all the way to the bank, making brisk businesses at our expense!
My suggestion for those thinking of reinventing themselves, rejuvenating and bringing back joy and lightness into their lives is to begin by first learning to laugh, and live, all over again.
It is as simple as that.
So go on.
Dose yourself on a daily cocktail of punchlines to send yourself into the orbit of redeeming stitches.
Here is another. Enjoy!
Punishment for Missing Church
A country preacher decided to skip services one Sunday to spend the day hiking in the wilderness.
Rounding a sharp bend in the trail, he collided with a bear and was sent tumbling down a steep grade.
He landed on a rock and broke both legs.
With the ferocious bear charging at him from a distance, the preacher prayed,
"O Lord, I'm so sorry for skipping services today.
Please forgive me and grant me just one wish--make a Christian out of that bear that's coming at me!"
At that very instant, the bear skidded to a halt, fell to his knees, clasped his paws together, and began to pray aloud at the preacher's feet:
"Dear God, please bless this food I am about to receive."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They stole my Blogoversary!

Yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog.
My first post 'the portrait of Disappointment' was published on August 11, 2008.
Yesterday, I had planned to write a celebratory post- something sweet and positive.
Alas my plans came crashing down because of one very unpleasant event.
Yesterday afternoon, a few minutes past 1pm , I received a call from my wife that our home had been broken into. Yap! The thieving gang had visited again in our absence.
I had to leave the office driving like crazy to go and check on the what the gang had wrought!
Thank God they only managed to break two glass windows of the guest bedroom. They could not lay their cursed hands on anything in the house.
A lady staying in the neighbouring house saw the two-man team hard at work and shouted at them from across the wall and phoned the police. The police responded pretty fast. At least three police cars were there within five minutes of being contacted.
The security buzzer/alarm went off and the security company, ADT, was also on the property almost at the same time.
By the time I reached home the place was swarming with police officers and security guards.
The gang though had long bolted into thin air.
So that is how two sons of belial stole my first blogoversary.
I am pissed off like you won't believe.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Let Your Woman Blossom Right By Your Side

It comes as no surprise that the fearless women of South Africa were the ones who on August 9, 1956 took the bold initiative to march peacefully to Parliament to protest against the pass laws of the apartheid regime.
Under the apartheid regime, any action of similar nature by the men folk would have provoked a bloodbath by the police and security forces.
In commemoration of that historic step by the women folk, August 9 is Women’s Day in South Africa.
This year’s fell on a Sunday (yesterday), so today, Monday, is a national holiday. Having had the moment to reflect, today really feels like an opportunity to give honour to whom honour is due - the beautiful daughters of Africa.
So here goes a tribute to all women everywhere.

Mysterious . . .

Love and cherish a woman and she will sparkle as a gem, blossom as a flower, beam with affection so pure and enrich your world like no other creature on God’s earth.
Empower and stand by a woman today to unleash her potential and tomorrow you will be blown away by her entrepreneurial, explosive, passionate and raring fortitude.

Welcome to the marvellous world of the faceless warriors
by whose succour streams of nations continue to be fed, by whose enterprise the fires of countless families keep burning, by whose devotion sanity prevails in many a man’s heart, by whose sacrifice rolls of incredible achievements have been attained, by whose wisdom thousands of wars have been stopped, by whose love effortless smiles adorn the faces of countless generations.
All around me, I see wonderful women doing great exploits by themselves for themselves, their friends and families.
There are only a few moments in a man’s that are as satisfying as watching, from behind the scenes, the woman he loves thriving in the world of work, fulfilling her passion.

Let us, as husbands, lovers, fathers, brothers or sons, remember to honour our women with showers of unconditional love and while at it, encourage and support them to find their own ways, discover their unique strengths and pursue their own precious dreams.

Let us celebrate our women: our wives, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our beautiful treasures.

Happy woman’s Day to you all, our beautiful flowers!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today I want to blog about God's goodness.
At church last week Sunday, the Pastor taught about the need to learn to truly trust God during all seasons of life. We were encouraged to write down the names of the seven people that first pop into our mind right there and then and pray for them for the entire week. After the service, we had a pleasant time of fellowship together. Then, one by one, individuals and families left for their homes.

As at today, I have received calls and SMS from more than ten people informing me about different blessings that they have received as a result of the spiritual exercise.
I thought of sharing this to encourage somebody to give God a chance in his/her life.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell's BLINK is a Superb Read

I am in book mode like you won't believe it!
I love books, good books. But sometimes it becomes almost impossible to get quality time to indulge.
So early this week, I decided to make time and go on a date with two of the reads I was given some time ago. At present I am almost done reading ‘blink: the power of thinking without thinking’.
The author, Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote also ‘The Tipping Point’-a phenomenal bestseller.
Born in London to a black Jamaican ( Denise's compatriot) mother and an English maths teacher, he grew up in Canada. ‘Blink’ is an fabulously good read. It is a book that helps to develop one’s intuitive capabilities and teaches how to trust one's gut especially in moments when one needs to make a decision on the spur.
If you see this book, get it like you would a bullion of gold. If there are any good reads you care to recommend, please, do so.
Got to go. The books are calling.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Irresponsibility: The Bane Of The Land

I had always thought that the suburb where I stay was endurably safe for my family. Such a conclusion is probable still true, in spite of the fact that our house was burgled in broad daylight the same week we moved in. In addition to the raid on our property, our weekly community newspaper regularly comes out with reports of enormously hideous crimes in the area.
We are eternally grateful to God that we were not at home when those brutes decided to come for what did not belong to them; all the electronic gadgets in the house.

A few nights ago, around midnight, I was brutally awakened out of my precious sleep by what appeared to be loud bangs. Then it dawned on me. What I was hearing was in fact a rapid barrage of gunshots and a car-chase on a nearby street only a few metres from our house. On and on it went down the street in the quiet of the night until the fading sounds of the bullets could no longer be heard.

I could not go back to sleep anymore that night. But that was not the only bad thing that happened to me that night.
The proximity of that chilling episode got me greatly worried about the security of my family. Even though our house has been armed with a good security alarm system, we have primed ourselves to be extra careful twenty-four seven since then.
We cannot afford to take anything for granted anymore.
Many thoughts and scenarios have criss-crossed my mind over and over again ever since that drama took place.

Why is crime so pervasive in our part of the world? Why it is that crime in our society is not only prevalent, but also so gratuitous.
The criminals do not hesitate to rape, torture and kill their victims. It is only in our society where criminals spend hours in the homes of victims indulging in sadism, such as pouring boiling water on their victims, raping the women as they force the men to watch and repeatedly burning the bodies of their victims with hot irons while mocking them.
Our shopping malls, roads, homes, schools, hospitals and even churches have all been turned into war zones.
No where is save any more when the residence of the deputy president of the Republic can be brazenly burgled without people being overly shocked.

The question is how did it get so awfully bad?
How could the entire country, every corner of it, be held hostage by thugs and hardened criminals?
Where is the hiding place of this monster?
It is as if our communities have become massive crime labs and factories where criminal minds are being churned out in huge numbers.
It is evidently clear that something is terrible wrong with the society, with our value systems and with us as families and individuals.
As when an auto-immune disease starts to devastate the body, the elements waging this relentless war against the body are not external but from within the body itself.
Ours is a mutating infestation. A debilitating plaque. An apoptotic disorder of a systemic nature.
Here is what I think.
As much as we all would like to point fingers at others and apportion blame on some mysterious monster somewhere, we will be lying to ourselves if we allow the obvious truth about crime to escape us.
Crime in our society has everything to do with the culture of irresponsibility and impunity.
Until we as individuals, as families and as communities begin to embrace an attitude of responsibility, we will forever remain oblivious to our own role in nurturing this invasive culture of crime.
Let the charity of responsibility begin at your own home.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guy Words vs Gal Words

I have finally come to terms with the fact, and painfully so, that my social skills need a little bit of polishing. Ouch!
I dreadfully suspect that I am one of those individuals who are nondescriptly labelled social late-bloomers, aka nerds; the socially-deviant species with an extremely high affinity for technical facts & figures and other technocratic bragging rights and appear to possess an unbearable 'book-long' knowledge about everything but absolutely nothing about street-wise social skills. Certain facts and obvious social issues which are common knowledge to almost everybody who has lived on planet earth in the last hundred years are only now creeping in on me. Lol
Come to think of it, my nerdy self has been busy trying to master the so-called ‘critical’ skills, but has, until now, been totally oblivious to the fact that social skills are the fundamental tools needed to function effectively in every facet of society.
Excellence in, for example, computational mathematics and other high-end technical skills without the relevant social skills will only lead to intellectual frustration.
One of the ‘discoveries’ I have recently made, concerns the different baskets of common vocabulary of men and women. I have all along assumed that guys and gals mean the same thing when they use the same words.
The truth is that the intentions behind the use of many words are gender-specific. Which means that, guys and gals ‘comprehend’ words differently and therefore may use similar words to convey entirely different meanings.
I am told that many managers, these days, take their time to make sure that their speeches and presentations are packed with gender-neutral terms to really get across the gender divide.
Makes me wonder if I did really 'understood' any of the conversations I ever had with any member of the opposite sex and in the same way whether they understood me the way I intended.
I really believe that the number one reason why there are so many break-ups in relationships is the way the two sexes (mis)communicate to each another.
I really hope one day someone will make a gender-specific dictionary so that guys like me can somehow understand the meaning of some of the gal-words that I hear around me.

Just this week, two ladies were heard making similar remarks about two male colleagues around the office.
They called those fine gentlemen … erhm, j.e.r.k.s!
Then it hit me that I have never heard a guy use that word before to describe a woman or another man.
I suspect that ‘jerk’ is a gal-word. One of the killer words in the female vocabulary toolbox which, in my mind, girls use to convey an idea of a low life, the lowest form of the male specie. A disgusting piece of work to the female species.
However to my male soul, that word, jerk, whatever it means, does not convey an idea of utter disgust at all. In fact I have to admit that when a woman calls a man a jerk, the picture I get is a really fine gentleman who is completely misunderstood by women. Period!
Seriously, when a gal calls a guy a jerk my mind ‘sees’ a guy that finds it difficult to understand the female psychology, but otherwise a perfectly normal chap. In my mind, any decent man can be called a jerk simply because he has not mastered the fine art of dealing with the opposite sex.
It appears to me that most of the women who resort to that term do so because of an ugly experience with a man or men.
I guess women in general have certain inherent expectations of manliness in terms of attitudes, conducts, ambitions and how men are supposed to treat a woman.
The guy who scores anything below that imaginary baseline in the head of the fairer sex is unfortunately called a jerk.

Guys on the other hand use terms like bimbo to describe some women.A bimbo is perhaps the female equivalent of a jerk. Don’t get me wrong I am only guessing. Besides, I said perhaps!When a guy calls a woman a bimbo, what goes through his mind is a sort of hare-brained creature crawling all over the place seeking for some guy to grind her good.
A materialistic woman without any values whatsoever ; a woman solely given to creature comforts without any aspirations beyond the mundane issues of life.
A bimbo is that non-wife material that hangs around the corner in different seductive poses.I really doubt that a woman understands that term in the same way as a guy does.

So guys and gals share with me the guy-words and gal-words you often use.
As a guy, I really would like the ladies to paint clearly to me, beyond the dictionary-speak, the following:
(a) what sort of guy would you call a ‘jerk’?

(b) do you always call every man who breaks up with you a ‘jerk’?

(c) what goes through your mind and body when you use that term to describe a guy?

I am so keen to learn this sort of rocket science for the purpose of self-education as well as being a mentor to others in my corner.
Please help a late bloomer!

Monday, August 3, 2009

They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore

During my school years many moons ago, the wheels of boyish testosterone were driven primarily towards two overarching objects of affection: books and to a lesser extent beautiful girls. There was no joy greater than being the top in the class.
Boys, at least those in my circle , had a healthy ritual and an idealist composure when it came to showing love for a girl. My attraction to girls was first and foremost a romantic exploration driven by a boyish curiosity of the beautiful plumage of the maturing female body.
I, for one, was fascinated by the assemblage of fine parts and curves. Big time. But somehow my books always came first, probably because boys were schooled at home to have dreams and put a premium on education above all else.
No wonder, almost all my girl-friendships begun as study mates and blossomed into something a little bit more. We studied hard together and while at it did a bit of 'assets analyses'.
Boys and girls had big dreams. We were full of courage, strength and old-fashioned gutsiness.

Today's students are behaving like sex maniacs, romping all over the place like there is no tomorrow. Some as young as 12 years are going the full hog without any regard for books and their future. Students in high schools are sidestepping the essential years of sexual fascination and experimentation. Now they jump straight into the deeper end and many will end up sexually frustrated later on in life.
Cheap sex has triumphed over education in our schools and the fire of academic and intellectual pursuits has all but died. That may explain the recent phenomenon of 'sakawa' - a pursuit of cheap money, cheap sex and sadly cheap life.
Something, in the way children are raised these days, has gone awry and my thought is that the ambitions of the teenagers of the late eighties and nineties have been replaced with something much more instinctual, something libidinal, something cheap.
Somehow, they don't make them like that any more.
Are my own children going to play any different?
How I wish I knew the answer to that question!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charge Him For Refusing To Think

Desperate times, they say, call for desperate measures.
Bob Mugabe has been conned and scorned. Big time.
A woman by the local name of Nomatter Takira, a fetish priestess( an ancestral medium) of a sort needed money, a lot of it, in cash-strapped Zimbabwe. Like everybody, she knew where the money was in the land- under the mattresses and in the pockets of the ZANU-PF apparatchiks.
So. She devised a plan of action to get what she wanted.
And got it she did- a solid million dollars, Obama dollars I mean!
So what was her plot?
She got for herself a can of diesel(fuel), a hosepipe, a hungry and desperate young man and set off for one of the huge boulders that adorn the environs of the provincial town, Chinhoyi.
Once there, she dispatched the young man with the can to a hideout somewhere on the boulder away from the prying eyes of people .
The nozzle of the hosepipe was dragged to the top of the boulder. The other end was inserted in the can of diesel. Pretty soon precious diesel was gushing on top of 'magic' boulder when the pipe was opened. That done, she retreats to town to announce her magical conjugations to lieutenants of the strongman. This 'Good News' shortly after reaches Mugabe's ear, himself a son of the province, and he quickly sends senior members of his cabal for first hand evidence of the magical prowess of this new 'Ambuya Nehanda'.
With the young man in place 'the experiment' is repeated and Bob's envoys are awed into stupor as they see refined diesel gushing from the top of the said boulder. They return to Bob with the news that Zimbabwe's diesel woes are eternally over.
Days later, state house orders that Madam Takira be treated like a queen. And an amount of $1m is offloaded to treat her good on the finer things of life for her kindly helping Zimbabwe in her hour of need.
However the fact that diesel can only be obtained through a refinery process only began to dawn on some of the inner cycle of the Mugabe regime days later and another team was secretly sent to make a thorough check of the 'discovery'.
This week Mbuya Takira was charged for defrauding the state.
The question on many people's mind however is how could a whole state, including the presidency, be doped by something so obviously questionable.
My conclusion is that Mugabe and his cabal are clinically and criminally stupid.
Methinks Mugabe and his cabal should be charged in place of Nomatter Takira for gross stupidity.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Essence of July

July. . .
The chiming tides of the semester of fast-paced permutations. . .
The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. . . .
The offspring of contentment and dissonance. . . . .
The juxtaposition of introspection and retrospection. . . . . .
The interface of reflection and deflection. . . . . . .
The metamorphosis of contrasts. . . . . . . .
The midsection of goals. . . . . . . .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You & I

Look here little fancy lady in pompity kaba and slit
This is not the season for this sort of game
Playing hard to get whilst in my arms is so lame
Admit you have helplessly fallen for me
You and I have got to submit to the power of a moment meant to be
By the way I did dream about you last night
You admitted you were in love with me all right
Chasing me you did with such vigour in the nightly act
I saw your beautiful dance on the alter of our blissful pact
The helpless moaning of unbearable satisfaction
The glint in your eyes radiating streams of adoration
That is the abiding story about You and I no words can deny

Friday, July 17, 2009

War At The Side Of Obama

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man"
-- William Shakespeare
They say a picture speaks better than a thousand words.
When a dignitary in the person of the president of the United States of America visits our shores, one would expect our foremost statesmen to display a great sense of dignity and decorum in his presence. Alas that can not be expected of His I-Have-Got-To-Hog-The-Limelight, Mr Rawlings. The recent visit of Mr Barack Obama to our shores has once again exposed the hyper grandeur and uber narcissistic attitude of this man in the body politic of Ghana. The first picture showing Mr & Mrs Rawlings on the far left of President Atta Mills. The man is not pleased with his position far away from President Barack Obama. So he decides to do, errh, . . . something about that .

Look at the second picture. Mr Rawlings comes and literally drags Mr Kuffour from the side of Mr Barack Obama so that he can bask in the glory of the moment. In Mr Kuffour's own words Mr Rawlings was not happy that he, Mr Kuffour, was trying to upstage him. The funniest part of the whole episode is the expression of president Atta Mills. Click on the picture and see him literally in titters over the behaviour of Mr Rawlings, trying very hard not to fall down laughing like a hyena! Finally Mr Kuffour, ever the gentleman, obliges. Mr Rawlings then comes to take the coveted place on the right hand of Mr Obama in the process leaving his wives miles away. Even the expression of Mrs Rawlings shows that she is not amused by the unacceptable behaviour of her husband on this occasion. I guess a word or two was exchanged between husband and wife over this incident at home.

See president Atta Mills trying to signal Mr Kuffour not to take the shameful behaviour to heart. Isn't it hilarious what Mr Rawlings will do to draw attention to his freaking self! Such petty squabbles are not expected from somebody has been our president for almost two decades. In my opinion, by this singular childish act Mr Rawlings has single-handedly demeaned himself in the face of Mr Barack Obama and those around him. Mr Rawlings has proven once again that Mr Kuffour is indeed a better man than he is.

It is hard, really hard, to put a good man down!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday's Seeds Today's Harvests

Yesterday they laughed at me to scorn
When I attempted to warn them of the sting
Underneath the bonnets of the wayward skirts

Today I saw them in town
Grieving for one of their own
Who was frozen in a horizontal pose
Too late to change his prose

Impregnating Our Hope

There is a place deep within each of us
The fertile ground of solemn encounters
Our impregnated minds
The treasured mines
We carry within us the fertile womb of a prime virgin
The forest where the seeds of inspiration rush to grin
The priceless token
That we have taken
A renaissance waiting to enlighten
A new generation begotten
The enflamed weapons against our despair
The bosom of our triumphant spear
Our hope ascending
Joy abounding
We are on our way to where we dearly belong

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Dilemma Of A Married Man

The opportunity cost of being a married man, I have always thought, is the beautiful and juicy low-hanging fruit in Eden which you are forbidden from tasting.
My sincere assumption has been that most people consider marriage to be a permanence of the commitment between two people coupled with the blissful disallowance of any form of conjugal parallelism at all cost.
However from what I am seeing and hearing around me, I am fully persuaded that this unfortunately is not the reality of many married people.
So many married men and women are no longer sure of the necessity of commitment to their spouses. The ease with which many have abandoned ship is simply cowardly.
I would rather people stayed away from marriage than rush into something they are not willing to honour and fight for.
I pray that this persuasion of mine is not considered a prudish banter.
To me it is the right thing to do.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Moment Of Great Promise For Africa

"This is a new moment of great promise.
To realize that promise, we must first recognize a fundamental truth that you have given life to in Ghana: Development depends upon good governance. That is the ingredient which has been missing in far too many places, for far too long. That is the change that can unlock Africa's potential."
. . . President Barack Hussein Obama
(11 July 2009; Accra, Ghana)

I am a believer. Yes. I am really an odd B.E.L.I.E.V.E.R.
I am one of those who tirelessly believe in a promising future for Africa.
The future of Africa can indeed be as glorious as we, Africans, want it to be if we apply ourselves to work for it.
I am a believer in a new Africa. An exemplary Africa. An inspirational Africa.
There is really no reason why Africans can not rise up to the challenge of creating a better future for children and ourselves. This is Barack Obama's Africa.
Today's evangelistic speech delivered by president Barack Obama at Accra's International Conference Centre, in my view, is a poignant reminder to Africans everywhere to desist from the familiar excuses and blame games and embrace the old age principles that have worked in other places of the world.
May the inspiring words of Barack Hussein Obama rekindle hope in every African heart for a better tomorrow.
Yes we still can.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Come Sit With Me

In the midst of the nouveau riche crowd
At a swanky restaurant in Melville
An alluring dame sitting in a corner
Anxiety spelt all over her pampered countenance
With a practised glance she sizes up the gathered
Like a surveyor reading the contours of the surrounding
The discreet body language clear and unequivocal
I am available
Come and sit with me
Wondering if there be any other able to hear the prayer

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been away from this wall for some time now.
I needed to take a break to recharge my batteries.
Glad to say that I am back to blogosphere.
Hope every one of you is doing great.
Bless you all !!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reflections @ The 100 Milestone

This post is number 100.
Looking back on this journey, my candid comment is simply: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
It has been an incredibly enriching experience so far for me. There has been a lot of personal satisfaction. Lots of heart-bearing. Lots of contemplations. Lots of learning. I am indeed a better person for all that.
Through it all, I have to say that I have really enjoyed the privilege of sharing with you all, learning from you all as well as laughing with so many people all over the place.
As the journey moves on from this point, allow me to thank those of you who have made this blog a worthwhile cause.
Your candid contributions, comments, analyses and corrections will continue to be cherished and appreciated going forward.
Thank you all a 100 times!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Play Music On The Blog?

This blog has undergone a couple of tweakings for some time now.
Yesterday, in addition to the multitudes of changes that have taken place on this wall, I decided to add a playlist.
I suppose those of you who are regulars to these shores may have wondered why I decided to embark on such a move. The answer is pretty simple.
Actually, for some time now, I had been thinking of trying something new, something soothing and friendly to the ears whenever I am here.
A couple of lovely sounds able to do just that came to mind and voila!
I really hope that you will enjoy the selected playlist.
So Nana Yaw that is my rather mundane reason.
Let me know what you think.
Your suggestions are welcome.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sitting Pretty

In the corner of my sanitized view to my left
A professor emeritus
A capped staccato of dignity and service
Sitting pretty in the rows reserved for tenured stature
In the midst of the congregation of celebrated minds
In the auditorium of distinguished persuasions
A picture of ancient youthfulness so pristine
The anthem of genes crafted by generations of scholarship and fortitude
One beautiful day I will sing of her praises to my daughter
Sitting pretty by her side until her light shines so bright

Cents & Sensibility

There is evidence pointing to the fact that the global economic contagion is bottoming out. There is some sort of optimism on the distant horizon in many markets out there.
The Chinese economy is in a sound shape. In its China Economics Outlook for 2009, the Hong Kong-based Morgan Stanley Asia forecast China's baseline GDP growth would be around 7.6% percent this year, with the bull and bear scenarios projected at 9 percent and 6 percent respectively. That is pretty decent considering the acute downturn in China's exports to the west.
The Indian economy is also doing pretty fine; driven by domestic consumption and a growing middle class with a colossal appetite for the fine things of life. A 6.5% growth rate is forecasted for 2009.
Going forward, China and India are clearly two of the most important markets considering the weight they carry in global trade. After all, these two make up about half the population of the entire global village. The other BRIC economies-Russia and Brazil-are expected to record very low growth in 2010.

Commodity prices are beginning to show signs of positive momentum. So there are some indications of hope.
Having said that, it will take years before there is a complete upswing in the global economy once again. The expected growth in Africa stands around 3.5% this year. Pretty dismal!
There is, therefore, the need for nations, firms, families and individuals to continue keeping a tight budget for the foreseeable future. A cent saved here and there will ultimately bring about a relief to the many living on the borderline.
It is time to upload the austerity measures. Swap the fuel guzzler for an economy car. Cut down on your utility consumption to the barest minimum. Postpone the holiday travels. Cut out eating out altogether, if possible. Do your shopping at the cheaper alternatives.
However, in all your cuttings, make sure your life policy, retirement policy and medical aid policy are not sacrificed for comfort. You never know when you will really need them.

Finally don't forget to search within yourself for other skills you have that you could utilize to bring in the extra buck. Entrepreneurship is critical at a time like the one we are living in not just as a means of survival but most importantly for building a solid foundation for prosperity in the next cycle of boom. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Whipping The Pumpkin Soup À La Carte

Eno Rose, my mother did a pretty decent job in training and coaching all her boys about the nuggets of the beautiful artistry of creating culinary delights.
Because of her, I do know a thing or two about good food Ghana-style.
Last Saturday I found myself reminiscing about the killer taste of nkatekwan with rice balls after participating in the big walk around Saxonwold Primary School.
The last time a ate that sumptuous combination was when I was in Ghana recently. The problem is nkatekwan a la South Africa is totally unlike what obtains in Ghana. Don't ask me why?
So instead, I decided to try something rather exotic: pumpkin soup.
I was in the mood for an adventure like you will never believe.
My wife, baffled by this unusual quest to turn the beautiful kitchen into something resembling a chemistry lab, decided to abandon ship leaving me alone unto my ridiculous cookery pursuit.
An hour or so later, unable to resist any longer the smell of the overwhelming magnificence emanating from the kitchen, she saunters into the kitchen, her face adorned with a curious smile depicting pleasant surprise. A moment to taste and indulge! The unplanned experiment turned the day into something more than expected: a beautiful date! Seeing how happy she was, I quickly realised how incredible an opportunity it was for both of us to explore and appreciate something new. To me, it was also an important lesson in the power of giving a helping hand at home.
As professionals, both of us spend our week days working hard. Evening meals, therefore, are mainly something quick and simple (mostly prepared by her) in order to prepare for the next day's work schedule.
So it was good to sit, eat, talk and enjoy each other's company unhurried at home, seduced by the goodness of the pumpkin soup.
And you know what?. I am so proud of myself!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2010 World Cup Just Around The Corner

The one year count-down to the 2010 FIFA World Cup has just begun.
Today, President Jacob Zuma in a symbolic move kicked a soccer ball in Cape Town's Green Point stadium to mark the start of the official count-down.
For those of you soccer-mad fans, who are planning to come for the fiesta, now is the time to start preparing for the ball of balls.
With all the stadia taking final shape for Africa's first world cup, the momentum of great excitement is gathering thick and fast.
Meanwhile the FIFA confederation cup begins on Sunday.
Almost all the 8 Teams taking part are in town. And it is expected to whet the appetite of millions all over the world towards the actual 2010 celebration of football.
I am getting my vuvuzela tomorrow!
I can't wait for 2010.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How I Dealt With The Girl I Did Not Want To See Any More

I have had my fair share of nasty break-ups.
Years ago, before I got tied up for good with the lady who later became my wife, there was this girl I really liked.
Spirited and pretty she was also incredibly loud and insanely possessive.
She was the type that considered herself your wife even though you have never talked about marriage. A time came that she was always talking of taking the relationship to a level more than I was prepared for. I don't like being pushed. Her blaze of emotional volatility and cavalier attitude towards other people were highly upsetting.
One day after I had pretty much made up my mind that it was better we parted, she came over to my place as usual for the night. In the morning, before she left, I slipped the letter of termination of the relationship into her handbag without saying a word about it.
A benign ditching!
Needless to say she did not talk to me ever again after that.
It was not the most humane way to break up, but, gosh, it worked like a bomb!
Up to today, I sometimes wonder whenever I remember what happened with her.
Anywho, I hope that wherever she is, she is happy and living her dreams.
She deserves a nice life. I think.

Friday, June 5, 2009

To Whom It May Matter

My embellishing smile is a gift to the world
And not an attestation that I am into you
In my world it is a decent thing to do
It means nothing more and hides nothing less
So stop conjugating a blissful wedlock after every comely flash
Halt the superfluous hinting for it will not make me yours
There ain't gonna be any bells of efflorescence for you and me
Get over the chick flick that holds your heart asway
This unsolicited freneticism is so tasteless
So bland
So over

Feminist,. . .,Fup Or Sup?

If you were that unemployed young man who sat by the stied side of the road, hands -on-head, wandering distantly into unredeeming space, which of the following
questions will really tickle your furlong fancy? . . .

The total dearth of the male equivalent of a feminist?
The art of winning over a rabid emotionalist?
The fact that the contemporary theory of economics is a fup?
Or the protruding dread that nobody gives a toss whether you yuck, duck or sup?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

President Zuma First State Of The Nation Address

Today, 3 June, is the opening of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa.
The president, Mr Jacob Zuma, is expected to give the state of the nation address in the National Assembly.
South Africans are waiting with baited breath for the president's first state of the nation address in which he is expected to announce a new program of action to address the socio-economic problems facing the nation.
The provision of social services, the fight against crime, health and education are expected to receive serious attention in the address of the new leader of South Africa.
The speech of president Zuma comes at a time when the economic prospects of South Africa have been weakened by the global economic crisis. Officially the economy is in recession. Jobs are being lost across all sectors. The fiscus has suffered as a result of reduced earnings from exports, taxes and trade. The new administration has to balance the needs of the masses against the reducing resources at its disposal.
Let us hope president Zuma will manage this tough balancing act for the benefit of a nation that is expecting so much from him.
I wish him luck.

Monday, June 1, 2009


"I am a watcher
I came as a visitor and
I am still watching my mind now"
. . . Zim Ngqawana
I think that I am entering a new phase in my life. I sense within me a shift of priorities.
I am certainly entering a new phase in my life, spiritually speaking, where I sense the need to always weigh personal ambitions against the welfare of those around me.
The quest for a personal, practical and fine balance between the intellect and intuition all of a sudden seems like a wholesome pursuit worthy of a life-long commitment.
There was a time in my life, when I was hard-hearted, uncaring and ungrateful.
Today. I see myself differently. I am learning to bring a sense of balance in my life. I am learning to prioritize and live by a value system based primarily on elevating the concerns and needs of those around me, my loved ones, above my own.
Selflessness, empathy and the desire to treat others with honour have always been part of my life, but now it seems to me that I am awakening to a much higher level of relationship with others.
I am asking myself whether I have been missing the human experience all along?
I am wondering if I am, perhaps, stepping into sentimentality? I am really not sure.
These are some of the issues gripping my mind as I begin the first week of June.
I have got to go. Bye.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you Believe In Visions?

Early this morning, whilst having my quiet time, I had a closed vision.
A really exciting vision if you ask me.
I saw a green bucket half-filled with nominal cash sitting before me.
Also in my hands was a huge bundle of cash in the same currency.
It was a really short vision. Just as it came, it suddenly went.
It appeared to me as if I was removing the white strips of paper binding the cash, counting it and then placing it in the bucket.

I am still trying to understand the vision.
Three things are clear though.
  • A green bucket ?????????????????
  • Lots of crisp cash in an unknown currency ?
  • Cash was properly bundled in white paper strips ?

If you really understand visions( not dreams because I was awake), please help me out here with understanding.

Pyongyang, Aung San Suu Kyi et al

Is Pyongyang's show of balls a tragedy or hilarity?
Will you vouch for Aung San Suu Kyi's liberty?
Will Susan Boyle's third rendition be the clincher?
Is Ahmadinejad's bomb about making Iran poorer or richer?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect Happiness?

Perfect happiness really does exist!
Yes. It does exist in the heart of countless idealists of all creeds, ages and colours.
Is it an abstract concept of an ethereal dreamworld inhabited by naive mavericks and lost souls?
I don't think so.
To me perfect happiness is . . .
  1. accepting the fact that life is not other than the one you are living. So while at it, enjoy as much as you can doing your utmost best to take the chances that come your way.
  2. discovering and celebrating who you are. Do not despise yourself and wherever you find yourself today. Comparing yourself to the pretenders and contenders will only make you more miserable.
  3. walking as far away as is possible from the gurus and their weird prescriptions. Life, as it is, is already complicated so make yours as easy as you choose.
  4. realising that your ability to string together a conversation with your creator is the surest way to delay the greying of the follicles. Worry is a spoiler. So why become a beast of burdens when you can choose to become a temple of joy?
  5. accepting who you are not. You cannot be everybody and everything. So put on your uniqueness and strengths. In the company of integrity, love and compassion hold your head up and swagger your way towards your dream.
  6. learning to give yourself a hug every new day. Laugh a lot. Let your regrets be few.
  7. knowing that there are sharks in the waters around you so learn the secrets of preserving your soul. Do not point a finger at others. Deal with your faults and mistakes responsibly and you will find grace.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Life: A U-Shaped Curve

Life, I believe, was designed to thrive on sets of balances.
The mathematics of life has two equal and opposite theorems:
  • Too much of everything is bad
  • Too little of everything is equally awful
So the rule is everything must be in moderation, except . . .
What would you exempt from this rule for yourself?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Cold Wars

As the temperature heads south
And the number of hapless victims climb north
The office is abuzz with a whizzing and sneezing acappella
For the cold wars are raging like a stormy gala

The Inner Shush

I can't figure out the heart of this forbearing shush
Denouncing seems so out of place like a dance on an alter of slush
Not at a time when the sting of my voice feels so right
How do I untie the knots that hold the bonds so tight

Comfort me with your ocean of love my dear
I long for the redeeming touch of your healing lips honey

My spirit must dance again to the soothing songs of grace
My mind itches to be over the clouds of earthly embrace
Could it be that I need to look elsewhere for the rhythms of consolation
I seek the fellowship of solemn feasts to reclaim the path of consummation

Engage me in the rhyme of graceful exchange my dear
Take my hands to the delightsome curves where love river flows honey

My Sudoku, My Stoke

It is official.
I am a puzzles addict.
I am hopelessly in love with the challenges that a puzzle game present.
Sudoku is my favourite.
Few things ever beat the satisfaction of opening up the newspapers at the end of the day and paging my way to the business report section where the sudoku fix is.
I must confess that, that is the motivation for buying the newspaper in the first place.
The ones rated: cruel, hard or fiendish are usually my cup of tea!
Until the sudoku is sorted, I can't bring myself to sleep.
'Weird', I hear you say. My answer is: I know!

Friday, May 15, 2009

International Day of Families

Today, 15 May, is the international day of families
So holding hands together with loved ones, let's affirm one another
That babies, toddlers and the young may be showered with love sweeter than honey
That the countenance of fathers and mothers may glow with pride in seeds of love's alter
That grannies and grandpas may be rejuvenated by the cheerful harvest of their sequel of love
Let love and harmony so pure and true reign in households across the land
From my family to yours: A blessed family day
May yours continue to thrive and prosper going forward.
Happy Family Day!

If You Give A Darn

A Healthy appetite is ....
  1. knowing the difference between what you really need and what you think you want. To many there is no difference at all, but to the disciplined, that is the essence of life. The fact that it looks nice does not mean it is indispensable.
  2. keeping a balanced and reasonable perspective in everything. Eat what you may, but always from a small plate. Waste not want not. Never overtreat your ego.
  3. making sure you don't leave your fair lady at base camp whilst you gallop to mount pleasant. Wham bam thank you madam is irreverent. Instead try not to hang up until she is banged up. In all give-and-takes, let her get more than she has bargained for. Remember that the game between the sheets must be an equitable and equilateral marathon, for goodness sake.
  4. realising that money can procure some happiness, but much depends on how the cash got into your hands in the first place. It is important to defer some joy for your own good. Don't be insatiable, it will only bring grief.
  5. realising that doing nothing about that low libido is the shortest path for her/him into the hands of that dog/bimbo down the lane. Until you do, prepare yourself for a war which you have no hope of winning.
  6. knowing that thinking is also part of the deal. So give yourself regular time to stare at the wall. Whatever the colour! What you sow is what you reap. Even in the desert!
  7. taking responsibility. Don't become an addict to anything or anybody, even to yourself. Keep some space for the unexpected. Why fill up with junk simply because it is available. Have some big dream. If it does not come to pass, what do you lose?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Have Your Say

In politics how long does it take from being sworn in to being sworn at?
Do African women ever ask their partners, "Honey does my bum look big?"?
Which one of these two would you rather choose: strength or happiness?
Which is the ultimate symbol of drop-dead gorgeousness, the cutie dimples of an enchanting smile or a set of sensuous hazel eyes?

I am curious. I need some answers.

Friday, May 8, 2009

From Herdboy To President

Tomorrow, Saturday, 9 May 2009, on the lawns of the Union Building in Pretoria, Mr JACOB GEDLEYIHLEKISA ZUMA, popularly called Msholozi, will be inaugurated as the 4th post-apartheid President of the Republic of South Africa.
Whatever your personal opinions are of him, there is one thing you cannot take away from Jacob Zuma. He is a formidable survivor. A fighter of unimaginable stamina. The story of the man is simply unbelievable. Phenomenal.
Here is a man who begun life as a herd boy( a Shepherd- for those of you without southern African experience) in his ancestral homestead in Nkandla in rural northern KwaZulu- Natal.
His schooling was disrupted very early as a result of the apartheid regime and eventually he decided to leave school altogether to join the struggle against the regime after standard three/grade five.
Once he joined the ANC, he never looked back but concentrated all his efforts on learning as much as he could from the leaders in the movement. What he lacked in formal education, he learnt through association, political activism and a sheer determination.
For example whilst former president Thabo Mbeki is considered an aloof and elitist intellectual with poor inter personal skills, Jacob Zuma on the other hand is a charismatic leader with great people skills. He has a formidable personal touch with people. No wonder he is called the peoples president. `
His endearing nature has served him well over the years. Jacob Zuma rose through the ranks of the ANC to become the head of intelligence of the Umkhonto We Sizwe ( the military arm of the ANC).
After 1994, he became a member of the National Council of provinces(NCOP), the second House of the South African Parliament, representing KwaZulu-Natal and also a minister in the KZN provincial government responsible for economic affairs and tourism. It was through his negotiating skills that the violence between the ANC and the IFP was brought to an end in KZN.
In 1997 at the 50th Conference of the ANC at Mafikeng he was elected as the deputy president of the ANC. And in 1999 he become the deputy president of South Africa.
Tomorrow he takes the final step towards the highest office in the land having already been elected as the President of South Africa by the Parliament on 6th may 2009.
May the Good Lord be with him to provide the leadership required by South Africa in the next five years.