Friday, June 5, 2009

Feminist,. . .,Fup Or Sup?

If you were that unemployed young man who sat by the stied side of the road, hands -on-head, wandering distantly into unredeeming space, which of the following
questions will really tickle your furlong fancy? . . .

The total dearth of the male equivalent of a feminist?
The art of winning over a rabid emotionalist?
The fact that the contemporary theory of economics is a fup?
Or the protruding dread that nobody gives a toss whether you yuck, duck or sup?


Adaeze said...

Today with my tired brain, this one is beyond me Posekyere. Apologies. I still liked it though. Lol

posekyere said...

TGIIF= thank God it is friday!!!
Enjoy your weekend.

Abena said...

Interesting one Posekeyere...It is very random but then again not really!

novisi said...


i don't like feminists! neither do i have a place for the male equivalents!

is see all the toss about economics and all theories as a fantacy that is leading us nowhere indeed. only a few greedy ones are enjoying their 'loot' claiming they earned it!

the way i see it, no one owns nothing in this world. Bill Gates doesn't own the knowledge about computing, no matter how he's managed to 'screw' the world into believing in his 'proprietory'!

we must just all share! and we must try (at least) to leave the world better than we met it.

i would never be bothered if no one gives a hoot about whether i dance or cry! life is too sweet to be worried!!!

posekyere said...

Thanks Abena.
I am trying to decipher what is capturing the minds of the ubiquitous young men as they sit by the streets in postures of austere bewilderment.
They may be up to, eh, something that can change the world for better or for worse.
And I want to know before they put they plans into action.
I wish I could read minds.

posekyere said...

Geez Nov!
For your information, there is a growing brigade on the horizon that will not take kindly to your brunt acknowledgements.
They have come a really long way, and will not entertain anybody refusing to like them.Hahaha.
Yeah. The atmosphere you and I live in, is getting engrossed in a mutating web of murderous ideas and feeble persuasions. The sceptical mavericks and killer monopolists are few, but they are the ones that get followed.
One question though,Nov: are you a communist or have you ever dabbled in that cacophony of severe confusion?
"We must just all share" is the once hip mantra of communism. No?

novisi said...


i think i know the brigade, they are the feminists. but when they here me condemn their male counterparts, they won't even mind. such is their problem and that's why i have no apology in rejecting their cause. it's one-sided.

meanwhile, i think human beings in trying to figure out the way to sustain whatever interests have attempted to draw lines of communists, socialists, capitalists, free market, etc.

so the last time Obama cried 'redistribute wealth' from his tax plan, McCain said he was a socialist. when Obama cried 'bailout' for the banks too, still some called him socialist.

what such dogmas (just like feminists) fail to see is the fact that our needs are linked by all sorts or forces. we depend on one another. the actions of one man affects another!

as an illustration: as a tech man, i believe in Opensource and i damn Bill Gates! the idea. that kind of belief translates into what i say '"We must just all share". if it happens to have been the mantra of communism, i have no apologies. all sorts of things coincide in this world see?

i mean, if i was born on the day of the holocaust, that shouldn't prevent me from celebrating my bday with a bash to the annoyance of Jews.

right now, global warming is a big case however Bush ignored it. what chance has a 'powerless' nation like Ghana on this issues if mighty ones like China and the US would insist on releasing green house gasses into the atmosphere in the name of industrilaztion???

so what if we all care enough to be responsible towards one another in sharing the air available to us? surely no one man owns the air. and indeed, no one man or group of people own anything in this world. we all came to meet.

ok. i talk too much. lol.


posekyere said...

Eish Nov!
Man you are so persuasive.
I bet there is a politician in your soul somewhere.
I have been wondering if Karl Marx was a prophet after all? The nations are confused. The people are like fish swimming their way in
perpetuity to nowhere.
East, West, North and South.... Developed, developing, Least developed... Black, White, Yellow, Brown... Man, Woman,Confused, Unknown...= confusing galore!!!