Friday, June 5, 2009

To Whom It May Matter

My embellishing smile is a gift to the world
And not an attestation that I am into you
In my world it is a decent thing to do
It means nothing more and hides nothing less
So stop conjugating a blissful wedlock after every comely flash
Halt the superfluous hinting for it will not make me yours
There ain't gonna be any bells of efflorescence for you and me
Get over the chick flick that holds your heart asway
This unsolicited freneticism is so tasteless
So bland
So over


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Your poetry is soooo moving. I little bit of "modest cockiness) is always great. The texture of the words was great too. I wonder whom it really matters to!

Adaeze said...

Hey.. I just commented on this, and you posted it several days ago. Or Did I have a vision?

novisi said...

what strikes me is the underlining 'self awareness' here!

and like you put it: "My embellishing smile is a gift to the world
And not an attestation that I am into you"

it tells such a state of knowledge of oneself. that one is not easily lead astray.

and yeah, to whomever it may concern, let him(lol)/her watch out!

signed: novisi
(for posekyere)

Anonymous said...

first time here..nice poem

posekyere said...

Thanks NY!
An experience.
A misinterpretation of my intentions by a fair maiden down the corridor.
Via this blog the wind may carry the news to her somehow.
I hope it does because I can't just stop smiling, you know.
It took me years to practice the art of smiling.
Bless you!!!

posekyere said...

Dear Adaeze,
It was not a vision.
Let us say I wanted to read another beautiful comment from you.
Thank God you responded.
The earlier post though was sent into the bin because it appeared on the wrong date.
I hope your beautiful soul forgives me.Lol.
Bless You!!!

posekyere said...

Yes Nov.
I am conservative in many respects.
I proudly wear my conspicuous ring on the right digit to say I am married, so for somebody to ignore that and continuously act like willy nilly I am pre-destined for her is more like day-dreaming to me.
I have got the hints from one of her confidantes that I am her object of fascination.
Thanks but no thanks is my response.

posekyere said...

Thanks leggy.
You are most welcome to share my cup of tea.
I visited yours and I was blown away.
Bless you!!!

Adaeze said...

Can I forgive you? Hmmm
Not sure :-P

Ok then I have a soft heart. You did read my response then?
I think I said something that you are one he** of a man..or something like that. I am tired this morning so you should also forgive me for not remembering my comment word by word.

On a more serious note - I have been talking about this particular subject lately since both my husband and I have gotten several admirerers- And I just don't get what's up with that. When did the rules change? Or am I just new to the rules? Last time I checked a ring meant off limits. I was relieved to not having to be hit up all the time, but that hasn't stopped since I got married - lol.

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze!
Yes I think your comments were along those lines. I actually did not realised that those comment were meant for that particular post. I had read it and accepted it to be published. It was later, after I had cancelled the other post, that I realised I could no longer trace your comment.
Sincerely though 'a heck of a man' I am not. They say beauty -- or is it, perhaps, desire-- is in the eyes of the beholder.
Your personal experience, your hubby's, mine and those of many others are perhaps telltale signs that the ring is no longer accepted by the hunters/huntress as a bonafide 'off-limit' statement.Perhaps the issue has to do with the total disregard for the very institution of marriage? I really don't know. But, heh, my promise to my wife is something I hold very dear.

Adaeze said...

Well that is why I said you are one heck of a man Posekyere, that is a rare commodity these days, I tell you. I see so much cheating aruond me it's shocking.

posekyere said...

Yes Adaeze,
I understand you.
That is why I choose to be forthright. It is a matter of either fleeing or getting caught into the system.
I have pretty much made up my mind and I would like to believe that no bait will get my attention.
I admire beautiful ladies, but I don't allow myself to go beyond the point of no return.
Self- control is critical.

Nana Kofi Acquah said...

Dear Posekyere, poetry is not the medium of the forthright but I must say I fully enjoyed the poem. I am a married man too and it's good there are a few more good men.

For a more forthright approach, why don't you drop a letter in her handbag? Forgive me. I am such a tease :)

posekyere said...

I like your humour, NKA.
I guess she will eventually get the fact that she has to swing the pendulum somewhere else.
Meanwhile I will continue to smile my own way as always.