Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Play Music On The Blog?

This blog has undergone a couple of tweakings for some time now.
Yesterday, in addition to the multitudes of changes that have taken place on this wall, I decided to add a playlist.
I suppose those of you who are regulars to these shores may have wondered why I decided to embark on such a move. The answer is pretty simple.
Actually, for some time now, I had been thinking of trying something new, something soothing and friendly to the ears whenever I am here.
A couple of lovely sounds able to do just that came to mind and voila!
I really hope that you will enjoy the selected playlist.
So Nana Yaw that is my rather mundane reason.
Let me know what you think.
Your suggestions are welcome.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Hardly mundane, great friend, and I kind of like it now, though it 'startled' my serene reading the first time I chanced on it.

It's just I know I have read somewhere that playing music on your blog reduces traffic to the blog. Of course, for every research finding, there is an opposite finding.

posekyere said...

Thanks NY!
Will see how it goes.
Thanks for letting me on the research on playing music on the blog and the effect on traffic volume.

Adaeze said...

Unfortunately, or fortunately, lol, I can't hear a thing, so I am unqualified to comment I guess?
I'm at work so that is the reason.
What other changes did you make though?

posekyere said...

I see what you mean.
Don't even think of playing the playlist at the office.
Not many major changes. Just the ordinary tweaks now and then like adding new gadgets,regular template changes. That sort of thing.
Enjoy your weekend, Adaeze.