Friday, November 27, 2009

Ali In The Morning!

On a frank note, I am finding it incredibly difficult to post lately.
Time constraints as well as a persisting state of acute weariness are having their toll on me.
So blogging is the last thing on my mind these days. Even when the inspiration is there, the energy to write, finish and post is often absent. Judging by the high number of unpublished posts, I am surely suffering from a form of blog fatigue. Lol.
I hope that somehow my cup of tea does not become my cup of frozen tea!

I have been reading some of my posts and you simply cannot imagine how much I am embarrassed by the sheer number of errors- grammatical and otherwise.
I wonder how anybody could make sense of some of the things I wrote. I couldn't!
Clearly I am not even close to being meticulous as I thought I was. Sorry folks for all of the incoherent sentences and the misspelt words I have left on this wall. What a torture!
Will do my darnest best to write better.

The story of a secondary school friend helps me to take a lighter look and laugh at myself.
KS was good at talking the queen's language, writing it though was a brutal challenge. He was the ultimate butcher of the English language( and perhaps of all the other languages he learnt at school) because he was the type of guy who simply wrote words the way he heard them. In hindsight, I think he was dyslexic.
"Ali in the morning" was his way of writing "early in the morning"!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Sore Tooth

At the uber-sanitized office of the dentist
Minding my own arching business
Steeling myself for the eminent torture
A mysterious huntress with a crooked pursuit
Invades the serene quarters
Mischief spelt all over her facade
Long legged
Swaying hip
She screeches to a practised stop
And unloads her wobbling behind
Unto the seat right opposite me
Then proceeds to undo a button of her blouse
To let provocative boobs to hang
The teasing lips
The Polluting eyes
Right in my face
Now I am in need of something more than dentistry
My Spirit
My soul
My core
All scream out
Remove this sore tooth
Right now

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


An unsaintly hour tiptoeing
Above folksy heads
Humanity discarded
True friendship banished
Exotic options on every table
Faked sophistication
Meaningless busyness
Twisted motives
Cheated trust
Pretence all around
Empty smiles
Grip and grin
We crave company
In this belly of loneliness
We cry out for purpose
In this sea of mundanity
We thirst for community
Lost in our own alienation
Multitudes in maddening rush
For the very empty dreams
For which many have sold their souls
I see many standing
At obtuse attention
To the modern anthem
As they push headlong
To the place of slaughter
Bewildered dreamers
Meandering adventurers
Floating in unfamiliar spaces
Lost in the modern wilderness
Wondering aloud
We have arrived and yet we feel so lost
We have evolved and yet so unfulfilled

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What About Love III

Around the corner
The sound of an approaching car
"It must be him", she mused blithely
And peeped through the windows
Heart pulsating
Mind in blissful quest
Her body
Ready for some loving
She glanced
On the wall
A clock
Ticking away
The sweet perfume
Hanging watchfully
In anticipation
"Yes, I am ready", she whispered
Inhaling the love in the air
Phone rings
"Honey, you wont believe the good news"
"There is this deal I have to close today"
"There is good money in it"
"I am sorry I wont be able to come right away"
"See you around midnight"
"Hope you understand"