Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reflections @ The 100 Milestone

This post is number 100.
Looking back on this journey, my candid comment is simply: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
It has been an incredibly enriching experience so far for me. There has been a lot of personal satisfaction. Lots of heart-bearing. Lots of contemplations. Lots of learning. I am indeed a better person for all that.
Through it all, I have to say that I have really enjoyed the privilege of sharing with you all, learning from you all as well as laughing with so many people all over the place.
As the journey moves on from this point, allow me to thank those of you who have made this blog a worthwhile cause.
Your candid contributions, comments, analyses and corrections will continue to be cherished and appreciated going forward.
Thank you all a 100 times!


Enkay said...

Yay! I guess it'll be some sort of 'centenary' celebration?
I think this is my first time here so I'm honoured to be visiting your blog at your 100th post.

Keep up the good work!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Dear Posekyere,

Don't forget you have taught a great deal too. Keep them coming. We promise to give you reason to thank us 200 times! :)


posekyere said...

Welcome Enkay!
Thanks for honouring this blog with your visit at such a moment .
Yes. I guess a 'centenary' celebration is a cool idea.
I visited yours and you know what? I will be coming for more.
Bless you!!

posekyere said...

Awwwhhh NY!
Thank you so much.
I will surely keep doing some of the beatiful things already started here and also try to add new angles going forward.
Bless you friend!!

Denise said...

Let's me just say that In addition to my actual cup of tea, I now look forward to my virtual cup of tea in the mornings as well! Here's to a couple hundred more Posekyere! Well done.

Adaeze said...

Ahh I can see Enkay have found her way here! My best friend on Blogville - we are soon to meet in Lagos I think?
Anyways, thank YOU Posekyere for sharing with us bits and pieces from your world, your thoughts and dreams. And Congratulations! I hope to see many more posts to come. Happy Friday and bless you.

Adaeze said...

and hey, I am waiting for that recipe ;-)

posekyere said...

Thanks you so much, Denise!
I really appreciate your virtual companionship.
Bless you, my friend!

posekyere said...

Yes, Enkay decided to come to these shores alright! Then pretty soon she will become one of my best friends on Blogville. LOL.
Thanks again for your touching and warm comments. You have made my day, Adaeze
Have a blessed weekend.

posekyere said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
The pumpkin recipe. How did I forget to post it?
I will put it under the original post's comments today.
I am so sorry for keeping you waiting.

RocNaija said...

First time here.. Hopefully I'll be here to witness the next 100..

posekyere said...

Thanks RocNaija.
I will visit your wall asap to check up on you.
Bless you!

novisi said...

100 thought provoking posts deserve a 100 cheers:

hip hip hip hip hip hip...


keep going!

posekyere said...

Thanks Nov!
I am certainly keeping on marching forward.
Bless you pal!

Pen Powder said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. i am hard on your heels. Please spare a thought for fellow Iranian bloggers who have been arrested for exercising their freedom of expression.

posekyere said...

Thanks Pen Powder.
Yes. The sad case of religious leaders gone mad.
In their darkened minds, anything perceived to be a threat to their cause must be clubbed.
I bet you Iran will never be the same after this heavy-handedness.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Hey Posekyere, I am trying to get in touch with you. Can you email me at

posekyere said...

Sorry NY!
I have been away for a while.
I will get in touch asap.