Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you Believe In Visions?

Early this morning, whilst having my quiet time, I had a closed vision.
A really exciting vision if you ask me.
I saw a green bucket half-filled with nominal cash sitting before me.
Also in my hands was a huge bundle of cash in the same currency.
It was a really short vision. Just as it came, it suddenly went.
It appeared to me as if I was removing the white strips of paper binding the cash, counting it and then placing it in the bucket.

I am still trying to understand the vision.
Three things are clear though.
  • A green bucket ?????????????????
  • Lots of crisp cash in an unknown currency ?
  • Cash was properly bundled in white paper strips ?

If you really understand visions( not dreams because I was awake), please help me out here with understanding.


Darian said...

Why don't you ask the Holy Spirit to show you the meaning? After all, He gave the vision, He can best tell you what it means. And after that, talk to a Christian whose person and judgment you respect, and see what they also have to say. Between that person and the Holy Spirit, you should not get it wrong.....

Pen Powder said...

Let me work this out, you may be onto something here!

Adaeze said...

I believe in visions, but you got me here..
I have always been full of visions, but not so in tune. You just reminded me to get in tune with my visions. I get more literal ones though and not that symbolic. Hmm, maybe you're about to get a HUGE amount of money? lol

Esi W. Cleland said...

really? you're not just messing with us, are you?

posekyere said...

Thanks Darian.
Thanks for your wise counsel.
I will surely do that and as you said I wll get the understanding by the end of the day.
Thanks again!!

posekyere said...

You work on it, Pen Powder.
There is surely something in it.
The fact is almost all the visions I see come to pass.
I just need to understand this one, whether it is an investment idea to follow or a financial release to look up to in an unexpected corner.
Thanks and let me know when you are done.

posekyere said...

Hmm. Adaeze.
During my quiet times and when praying for others, I sometimes get visions. I had to learn to recognise them as such because before I came to know them as visions, I used to think I was just imagining stuff and never really took them seriously. Now though I really see things very vividly sometimes. They are so real to me now.
You surely must pray that indeed lots of money come my way.Hahaha. There are lots of work to do you know.
Bless you, Adaeze!!

posekyere said...

No, Esi!
I am not messing at all.
These beautiful things do indeed happen to me. Sometimes. One spectacular example.
Years ago, when I was doing my national service in Ghana, I was staying with my brother who was also a national service personnel, but now a civil Engineer. One morning I was having my quiet time and all of a sudden I had a very dramatic vision. I saw myself praying for my brother. In that vision, my right hand was on top of his palm. In between our hands were a few notes of cash. And as I prayed, the cash between our hands was literally growing in volume until my hand was far above the palm of my brother. The more I prayed the more the cash grew. It was sorreal but I immediately knew what that meant.
And that vision continues to be fulfilled up to today. So yes, Ohemaa Esi, that is seroius thing.
I realise that not everybody will believe it, but that is fine with me. I see it as a gift with finances if you ask me.

Denise said...

Curious as to what you meant by a 'closed vision' - never heard that term before. Will be interesting to see what materializes later that you can relate this back to - be sure to update us then.

posekyere said...

Thanks Denise.
When somebody experiences an open vision it is like sitting in front of a big screen watching a cinema. The whole process can take some time. A closed vision on the other hand comes in the form of a quick flash of a picture or event in the eyes of one's spirit.
One needs to 'learn by practice' to recognise this sort of thing.
Yes, Denise. I will update on the results of this vision.

Anonymous said...

Interesting vision.
I believe that God wants to bless you financially.

posekyere said...

Thanks anon.
Amen to your words.