Monday, May 4, 2009

The Lilliputian Crew At The Helm

Geez. I admire Kenyans. I absolutely do!
Who would not love the unorthodox project by the fairer ones in Kenya to fix the political impasse in that beautiful corner of Africa. They have embarked on the first ever mass sex denial demonstration staged for political reasons. Lol.
The sisters are refusing their men, the political elite at that, the supreme conjugal right until they stop the bickering and fix the festering political mess.
Let us hope that Kibaki, Odinga and their colleagues come to their senses fast before they are driven bonkers by the stance of their women, the beautiful no-nonsense daughters of Kenya.
Anyway, as everybody now knows pigs indeed do fly as Mexico has been shown.
Nations are putting up measures to prevent the virus from invading their shores. Heat-sensing cameras to scan arriving passengers are in place at many airports.
The lazy and obviously incompetent officials of Ghana's ministry of health have decided that the way to deal with the problem is to suspend all imports of pig products into the country. The question is: are our politicians and health officials really abreast with the issues of the Swine flu?
The issue here is that we are dealing with a strain of influenza that has not even been isolated in pigs. The name 'swine flu' is actually an erroneous concept since it has nothing to do with swines. It is not caught by eating pork or any of the products. Read this. The documented way to get the infection is person to person. Period. We should rather focus our attention on making sure that those arriving at our ports of entry are properly assessed and if necessary quarantined in isolation wards, instead of rushing to ban imports that have nothing to do with the disease.

On another sad note team NDC under the tutelage of Atta Mills is hell-bent on taking us back into slavery. The Better Ghana chanters have once again, obviously without first applying their minds, resolved to place the economy of Ghana under the yoke of the IMF for another gruelling
healing seance.
Gone are all the promises to fix Ghana with ease. Now the baton has been placed in their hands but instead of cruising to the next stage in the game of progress, they are looking back asking what the race is all about. Here is a bunch who have not acquainted themselves with the issues of economic governance which has taken place over the last ten years. Whilst Ghanaians question why the team is not running the race ahead as expected, these men and women who are fluent in nothing but excuses have fallen back on their old tricks of blaming others for their
sordid incompetence.
They have realised that they cannot move according to the trajectory already attained, so what do they do? They revert all the way back to where they left in the year 2000 in order to find a semblance of familiarity. Playing by the menu of the Bretton Woods institutions is the only sense they make in the unfamiliar territory they find themselves.
It is said that if you do not know where you are going any road will take you there.
Our beloved Ghana is going nowhere slowly. After all what do you expect, the Lilliputians are at the helm at our own invitation.
The show must continue.


Adaeze said...

I love your words and how you fit them together! And well said. Well said. Ridicilous about the Swine-flu. Sigh.

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze!
It is unbelievable how we sometimes handle the issues we face so differently from other nations and then we wonder why we get different results from theirs.

apoorva said...

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posekyere said...

Thanks apoorva.
I will certainly check out the blogs.
bless you!!