Friday, May 22, 2009

Life: A U-Shaped Curve

Life, I believe, was designed to thrive on sets of balances.
The mathematics of life has two equal and opposite theorems:
  • Too much of everything is bad
  • Too little of everything is equally awful
So the rule is everything must be in moderation, except . . .
What would you exempt from this rule for yourself?


Adaeze said...

I live by this belief!
You are so right.
I can't think of any exceptions to this rule. Too little or too much of anything is just bad no matter what you think of whether it be our bodies (too skinny too fat), money (too poor too rich) etc etc.
Actually I can think of two maybe-exceptions ( i will probably think of more later when I log out - typical)
But; I don't think we can ever drink too much water or breathe too much air :-D But it would of course result in very frequent visits to the loo...
I wish I could come up with something more substantial lol

posekyere said...

There you go, Adaeze.
Good to see we live our lives by similar principles.
Thanks for the positive vibes.
A pleasant weekend to you and yours!

novisi said...

i have had such thoughts so many times and i end up mostly going in a circle only to give it up!

generally i agree with you! too much and too little is bad.

but now i have decided to place some issues outside this bracket because i believe there are some things that we cannot fanthom fully!

eg. is God and Love and all the derivatives of God! i tend to believe you can't have too much of it though you may have too little of it which will fall under bad! exception in the exception if you want!


posekyere said...

Good one, Nov!

I pretty much thought along those lines and finally decided to keep it simple.
As you know, God and His attributes can never really ever be placed in a formulaic conjecture.
One can never have too much of God.
That I believe with all my being!

May you have a lot of and from God this weekend and beyond, cheers!