Friday, May 15, 2009

International Day of Families

Today, 15 May, is the international day of families
So holding hands together with loved ones, let's affirm one another
That babies, toddlers and the young may be showered with love sweeter than honey
That the countenance of fathers and mothers may glow with pride in seeds of love's alter
That grannies and grandpas may be rejuvenated by the cheerful harvest of their sequel of love
Let love and harmony so pure and true reign in households across the land
From my family to yours: A blessed family day
May yours continue to thrive and prosper going forward.
Happy Family Day!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Yes, Posekyere, let's all hold hands together and say "we are family!"

posekyere said...

Thanks NY!
That is the spirit of the most important unit of all human relationship.
Bless you!!

Adaeze said...

what a beautiful message Posekyere- If only the world would be as idyllic as your writing.

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze!
I have been away from this board for quite some time now. I will be back soon.

Pen Powder said...

Between your cup of tea and stripping down to the bare essntials, where is your bread now buttered? I took note of your family day message and took my dear wife out. My son turned out to be the biggest beneficiary though.

posekyere said...

When there is sufficient butter both sides get the spread. The butter of time is the issue, dear Pen Powder!
The kids. Ain't they the very essence of everything we do?
Good to hear your family had a time-out together. That is so lovely. Bless you and yours!!