Monday, May 11, 2009

Have Your Say

In politics how long does it take from being sworn in to being sworn at?
Do African women ever ask their partners, "Honey does my bum look big?"?
Which one of these two would you rather choose: strength or happiness?
Which is the ultimate symbol of drop-dead gorgeousness, the cutie dimples of an enchanting smile or a set of sensuous hazel eyes?

I am curious. I need some answers.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Sworn in to Sworn at is simultaneous, no?

All (including African) women ask, no?

Strength or Happiness, Happiness.

Ultimate sign of DDG, none at all.

posekyere said...

1.When people's pockets are still empty after five minutes of the swearing in!
2.Has never ever been asked that question by an African woman before! Other women have pested me with that question more than I can remember.
Strength beats happiness for me!
Gosh how come you are not moved by dimples. I love them to bits!

Denise said...

1. Well I think you get sworn at for your full term in office, so it starts immediately after you are sworn in;
2. Of course we ask if our bums are big, we just get disappointed if the answer is 'no' - at least I do!
3. Have to go with Nana Yaw on this one - happiness for me too!
4. For me and what I look for in a guy - a nice smile (not necessarily dimples) but yes good, and clean teeth!

posekyere said...

Eish Denise!
Your no-nonsense answer to the second question is food for thought. I have always answered 'no' to the women who asked me that question thinking it was the obvious answer. Now I know it is not as straight forward as it seems.
I thought I had it figured out long ago.
Now I really know that it is a lot more complicated than what you see!!

Adaeze said...

man your questions put confusion in my head. I no go answer. lol.

posekyere said...

Hehehe. Adaeze.
Huh? Confusion? Lol.
Your sacred opinion really matters as always.

Denise said...

A more popular question is ' Honey, does my tummy look big in this' - here is where you have to be careful what you answer!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

1) In the case of Sarkozy (French "dictator") it was a matter of weeks (he provoked the guy though!!)
2) I thought all women ask this - all except me 'cos my man is too honest and I don't really want to know..!
3)Happiness because I'm already strong!
4) I have to say both

Have a great week :)

P.S I was in Stratford to see the Shakespaere play "As you like it" - I wasn't dreaming..^_^

posekyere said...

Whoa, Denise!
Another tricky question indeed.
I suppose regular validation and affirmation is as much a part of every relationship as is the ability to think on one's toes when answering these tricky questions.
You are such an expert in relationshp matters.
You need to blog one of these days on what really motivates the ladies to ask these questions. For instance, what do they expect their men to say when they ask these questions.

posekyere said...

Thanks Here,There...
Watching a Shakespeare's play in the place of his birth must be as surreal as it gets.Beautiful.
1. I guess President Sarkozy has been at the receiving end of swear words just as he has been the giver of such.
2.I see you are a realist. Want not ask not.
3.I like your answer.
4.I am please that you are for both
You are a contented soul.You have balanced expectations. You are at peace with yourself. That is how I will define you. Bless!!!

novisi said...

1. if it comes before being sworn in, then life is lived better!!! we must not wait! can't wait.

2. i'm waiting to be asked. my answer would be; while i reach for my glasses: 'let me have another look'

3. strength, happiness, strength, happiness. just like that in turns. can't choose! i can't see my self weak. no good. and happiness comes even in the midsts of unhappiness! the world is too beautiful!

4. sigh!

posekyere said...

Whoa Nov,
I liiiiiiiiiike your answers, but No.2 rocks!
I 'see' the vivid picture you are painting: reaching for the glasses and taking another look.
Don't forget though that you still have to say something to the 'judge' after the second look!

Anonymous said...

I dont know how long it takes but in my opinion, in some special cases, swearing at precedes swearing in.

I usually ask: babe, do you like my a*s? (cos I love my butt!)

Happiness without a doubt!

Dimples- you cant buy those but fake hazel eyes are readily available for a low price of only $12.99 + tax.

posekyere said...

Dear Anon,
I guess there are a few politicians that come to mind. Why they even bother, I don't wanna know.

What dude in his proper dickie doesn't like that spot? I guess you are bootyliciously approved.

I really believe happiness is not as important as inner strength. Happiness is a state of mind. I can make myself happy anytime. But I believe there a level of strength that is unknown to many. I cherish that dimension of spiritual and mental strength & fortitude.

Perhaps the Chinese made fake hazel may even be cheaper. Go dimples!