Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Inner Shush

I can't figure out the heart of this forbearing shush
Denouncing seems so out of place like a dance on an alter of slush
Not at a time when the sting of my voice feels so right
How do I untie the knots that hold the bonds so tight

Comfort me with your ocean of love my dear
I long for the redeeming touch of your healing lips honey

My spirit must dance again to the soothing songs of grace
My mind itches to be over the clouds of earthly embrace
Could it be that I need to look elsewhere for the rhythms of consolation
I seek the fellowship of solemn feasts to reclaim the path of consummation

Engage me in the rhyme of graceful exchange my dear
Take my hands to the delightsome curves where love river flows honey


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Not sure what to say to this one because my theme-sensing mind is confused.

In the first verse, I thought I caught an unhappy theme of fear, or bondage and of the need to be free.

In the second verse, the theme of light came up. Not literal light, but happiness, love, and all things ethereal. But, then again, the Persona is longing to leave (or mulling leaving) this light and "look elsewhere for the rhythms of consolation".

I do not necessarily seek resolution, but your commentary on your own masterpiece would be warmly welcome.

Adaeze said...

awww posekyere! Sweet and beautiful!

posekyere said...

Hi NY!
No esotericism intended at all.
The post is trying to paint a feeling of inner 'bump' of the persona whilst at the same time expressing a possible source of transient relief from that state.
Unredeemed by the first attempt, the persona expresses the desire for other answers and looks for a 'higher form freedom'.
I guess, the question of the vanity of some of the appendages of what we call 'life' is what came through.
I hope I am making myself clear with my comments here .

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze.
You are so kind and gracious.
Here comes a hug from me.