Monday, August 17, 2009

Beyond The Pale

Behaviour scientists, I now believe, are not the only bunch who are fully persuaded that the supreme interests of men primarily revolve around three issues: chicks, cars and booze.
Even a sect of the much respected domain of biology now postulates that mother nature is also a believer in this far-fetched psychology of men. They point to the fact that the population of the female specie is increasingly outpacing that of the male and they ascribe this phenomenon to the redeeming work of mother nature. According to them, mother nature, being the good economist that she is, is trying really hard to meet the insatiable demand of men for sex by supplying more chicks! They call that demand and supply. Don't they?
So yes, obviously mother nature like most mothers love her boys. And how do you show your love for your boys? By providing in abundance what makes them happy. . .Chicks! Lol.
I don't believe for a second that men are necessarily helpless in self-control in the matters of chicks. For goodness sake, we are not all obsessed with sex. Or are we?
I have got a beautiful, delightsome and responsive wife. Once in a while I may inadvertently steal a glance at a beautiful chick walking past, but I know how to control myself.

Another group of 'weirdos' who are not only believers but practitioners of this codswallop are marketers and advertisers. We are bombarded ad nauseam with flicking ads of men apparently enjoying the best that life has to offer, gulping down tonnes of beer and other forms of booze. Those who don't drink, are made to feel like a lost generation, a hopeless lot unaware of what they are missing.
I refuse to fall for their mind games. The last time I checked water was still better than anything with a percentage above 5%. After all the last time somebody gave me a certain beverage to drink, I felt totally drowsy after only five sips. When I finally brought myself to read what was written on the bottle I realised to my horror of horrors that the 'non-alcoholic beverage' was in fact 5%.

Then, oh yes, C.A.R.S. Geez. I love cars. I love the smell of new leather seats. I love the feel of pedals under my feet. The purr of a smooth engine responding to my every command is almost irresistible. But again nothing can make me go and spend tonnes of money on a new ride just because someone decides to play a sublime trick on my mind by showing an ad of a dude gliding down the road in a latest German car.

The question is what is so difficult about staying true to oneself?
What drives these middle-age, married men to not only cheat on their wives but also pat each other on the back whenever they gather around the booze alter to chat about their latest wild escapades with chicks and of course fantasize about the latest cars.
Is that all there is to the world of men? Is that what respected family men are expected to do?
Or perhaps is it true after all that the modern man is not all that evolved as we want to believe that we are? Probable today's men are still cavemen in every sense of the word.
Next time I meet with my friends I will introduce something pretty decent. We shall talk about, erm, . . . architecture, the architecture of love.


Pen Powder said...

Cash, Cars, Chicks, our biggest craze. I can do without the Chicks though...Call me by whatever name, i am very normal.

Kwegyirba said...

...and in 5 mins you'd find yourself sitting alone staring at your glass of water. Lol.
But I think biologically its all about the continuation of the species, not necessarily the sex. Mother Nature puts more women on earth to bear the children. One man can fertilize countless eggs. A knocked up woman has to lie fallow for at least 1 year, so more women are needed... all this lust is about the preservation of the human race.

Abena Opokua said...

hmm. the answer to those questions... only God knows..

posekyere said...

Sure Pen Powder!
I know you can do without the chicks. Aren't you a happily married man? Hehehe.
I guess the cash and the cars are still a bother though. No?

posekyere said...

I am loving reading your thesis, KAO! Mother nature is such a clever thang! My question is preservation of the human race for who and for what purpose. We are actually killing mother nature as grow in number and appetite.
Let us see what will happen when the scale is turned and there are more males than females.

posekyere said...

Yes Nana Opokua.
only God knows for sure!

Pen Powder said...

We have replaced the cash with credit, cars and clothes, not so much of a problem.

posekyere said...

Yes. I meant a family man can do without straying from the matrimonial bed, but one cannot run away from getting some moolah and car. No?

Abena said...

Mmmmm always thought we live in a Man's world but now mother nature is supposedly supplying "chicks" for men? *Yikes* Sounds like a bunch of sexist Behavioral scientists to me!

As for it being hard for men to stay true to themselves? Its all about being driven by hormones beyond your own (self)-control... right?!

posekyere said...

Right, Ohemaa!
It is a feeble excuse from the book of convenience.
Everybody has the power to choose,devil or no devil.