Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Little hero

In front of me
On a zebra crossing
A little girl
On her way to school
Her little frame hidden
Behind the monstrous bag at her back
Her strident determination
With an iron will
She trudges
Her angelic eyes
Adorned with
The rarest of smiles
Waves of inspiration
In her dogged steps
With copious delight she waves
It is her way of saying
Wish me luck
Today's fleeting encounter
Has left me with
This wondering thought
About this believer
My psychedelic hero
With an effortless passion for life
I can't stop asking myself
From where is this loaded conviction?
Is it spiritual?
Is it genetic?
Is it nurture?
To this nameless scholar
My sincere gratitude


Myne Whitman said...

What a sweet but brave picture you paint of this little girl with your words. This is beautiful, well done.

Denise said...

Positive post Posekyere. It's really heart warming when kids do that - especially because they don't have to but simply because they want to.

posekyere said...

Thanks MW.
The huge determination of that little girl really moved me.

posekyere said...

Yes, Denise.
"especially because they don't have to but simply because they want to." --aptly captured

Adaeze said...

I absolutely loved this Posekyere! Loved it. Beautiful. I hope you are doing fine. Apologies for my absence. My life is so busy. What happened to that pumpkin recipe? lol

posekyere said...

Thank you super Adaeze!
I am doing great, my dear. Yes. I realise that you are busy studying, working being a wife and all the others in life. Good to see you are sgetting some time to read what is happening here.
@ the pumpkin recipe, I believe I posted it in the comments section. I will find it and email it to you.