Thursday, October 15, 2009

Would You Accede?

She is 35+
Pretty faced
Good body plumage
Excellent aesthetics
A very serious professional disposition
A clinician
She broached the idea of making a baby with a family friend
All she wants is for the dude to do her and get her pregnant
She does not expect his involvement in future of child
Friend is seriously married with children
And willing to help by donating sperm but hesitant to do her
Like a lioness on heat she insists to be done
My take is keep away and sing to wife if she keeps pushing
Should he do a 'good Samaritan'?


lucci said...

What is it called? Oh yeah... ' killing two birds with one stone'. The question is, which of the two does she want, ' pikin' or getting laid?

Denise said...

Even my spider senses are tingling Posekyere - this has mistake written all over it in big, capital, red letters.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Stay AWAY from that woman! Don't give her your sperm, even!

Tell the wife if she keeps insisting! What chutzpah! Hah! If she so badly wants to be laid, then she could get it somewhere else! (otherwise, if it is the child she wants, then she could go to a sperm bank!)

Myne Whitman said...

No I would not accede and would only go with your suggestion if there's a signed contract too. Say no outright is my first thought.

posekyere said...

Yes Lucci.
I suspect that she has something more on her mind than meet the eye.
Could be she knows she can get the good guy to do her every bidding.
Women are good at that sort of thing.No?

posekyere said...

I pretty much had the same feeling when told.
The scenarios in my mind are not rosy. everything points to a carefully laid plot. So far all the comments- all ladies- are raising red flags.
The intuition of women can not be overlooked in this case.

posekyere said...

Pretty forceful and passionate you are, Anon!
I wish you were a sister of the gent.

posekyere said...

Outright and straight, MW.
She has got to be told to go to H.E.L.L in plain simple words.
That is my point.

Femme Lounge said...

it doesn't sound right.

if she is really desperate about getting pregnant without a husband, then she can consider getting sperm from anonymous donators at a sperm bank in a fertility clinic.

that way she is not breaking another person's marriage and can avoid future complications.

posekyere said...

Thanks, FL.
Anonymity is the name of the game when a lady decides to do it her own way. The insistence on this particular man is enough reason for me to believe that there are all sorts of hidden agenda in this lady's mind and heart.
To accede to her request is like giving her a foothold to sow what might turn out to be deady seeds.
I will check on your blog asap, Femme Lounge.

enyonam said...

Would I accede? Hell to the definite no!The best the guy can do is to accompany her to the fertility clinic and donate his sperm but, I believe getting the sperm from an anonymous donor would prevent future problems.....if you know what i mean.

posekyere said...

I feel the outrage, Enyonam!
I am getting the feeling that this matter is far darker than I initially thought it to be.
So far not a single comment supports the aspiring mother.
Thanks for coming to these shore.
I will take a lok at your wall.