Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dream Of The Complacent

We have traveled so far
Now on this mountain
Of reminiscence
We remember
Our solemn covenants
And dripping dreams
We count
Our harvest
We celebrate
Our blessings
See the bountiful seeds
Sprouting giants
In blooming fields
In the shade
Delicate flowers
In regal swirl
The sweet aroma of victory
All around
By and by
Ripe fruits under the feet
Here and now
Come dance to our sacred toast
We will walk so tall
Fresh breathe will fill our lungs
Our season is here
Our moment beckons
We will thrive as we've dreamt
We have been our best cheer leaders
So here we say
Let us take rest
Our heels need cooling
For tomorrow's war is already won


Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece.

posekyere said...

Thanks anon.
Hope to see you around again.