Friday, December 4, 2009

Game Of Chance?

Forget about serendipity. There is more to this than meet the eyes.
What is the probability of running into the same lady, a casual acquaintance, in three different places in three days?
Whilst you are mulling over that, the first thing I noticed on each of the 'random' encounters is the lecherous stir in her eyes. The third encounter did set alarm bells in the mind.
What did I do on the third occasion? I faked a smile and move on with my business, ignoring her. But deep within I felt there was something sinister going on.
Am I being paranoid?


blogoratti said...

If if happens and go call for help!

But seriously...i just think its a coincidence :)

Enkay said...

Hmmm...(holding my chin between my thumb and forefinger)....maybe and maybe not.

Is there something about this lady that we should be wary of?

That's the real question!

Myne Whitman said...

She might be stalking you. Am I stalking you? LOL...

justwanna007 said...

this things dey happen. but me believe say the first thing that comes to ur mind will be the basis of that relationship

posekyere said...

Yes blogaratti!
It is possible that it was pure coincidence. However the eyes cannot lie, you know.

posekyere said...

To tell the truth, I trust my guts. And the report from my guts was not positive. So whilst she may not have gone over the bounds, there was some thing ominous.
Thank God I have not seen her since then.

posekyere said...

Lol, MW.
I think I get what you mean: I am paranoid. As for you stalking me, I will be glad if you could do it more often. Hehehe.

posekyere said...

Thanks justwanna007.
You are very right about the first thing that comes to my mind being the correct interpretation of the situation.