Monday, August 11, 2008

A portrait of disappointment

Sorry to begin on a sad note!

I was in Zimbabwe some weeks ago for the funeral of my mom-in-law. My better half is Zimbabwean for all of you who care to know.
Before going there I knew that the country was struggling economically yet what I saw there was simply otherwordly.
The beautiful exuberant country that once was was no more. Traded for poverty, anguish and bewilderment she laid in total surrender to the butchery of the vultures. A nation captured in the web of greed and lunacy and unable to disentangle herself.
How could a dream so disappoint? How could a good beginning end up so terribly? How could a people so educated, so spirited and so enterprising surrender so timidly to barbarity and hopelessness?
I need some answers here.
I silently cry and pray. I cry and crave for a country that will once again stand tall and proud.
Zimbabwe, don't give up on yourself for more are those who stand with you than those who are against you.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Beautiful post. I presume though you've been registered for a long time, this is your first. It is so ggrrrrrrrrrrreat. If yo will post often, this should be one of my 'Blazin' Blogs'. Congrats!!!!

About Zimbabwe, the situation only serves to promote some unfortunate and bigoted stereotypes, no?

novisi said...


nice to read your piece! got link through Nana Yaw...

Zimbabwe for me needs one and an only one and a difficult but needed one answer: AFRICA UNITE!

it is the sure way to deal with both the internal(muGABAGE-tiangaRAT) and external (western foolishness called sanctions)...considering that africa has what it takes to take hold of it's own issues!

may we never give up on this dream!

posekyere said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Nana.
I am sorry for such a late comment.
Was busy completing a project on deadline.

posekyere said...

Welcome, novisi, to my corner.
I am a permanent resident at your blogspot. Love your show!
Sorry for the late comment.