Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What The Choker Taught Me

Life, it appears to me, has incredible, sometimes strange, ways of reminding us of the lessons hidden deep within our hearts and minds.
Years ago, a bosom school friend demonstrated the classic signs of a choker! The type who will brag exceedingly and talk about his incredible bravado in the presence of his mates but run for cover at the very first sign of a challenge.
The challenge in his case was the love of a girl: telling a girl that he really liked her. Lol.
The most popular girl in the neighbourhood had manifested an interest in him.
Obviously blown away by the charming beauty of the girl, the otherwise brilliant chap begun to act like a wimp. He was the classic case of an emotional retard in the company of girls.
Whenever we were in the company of this particular girl, he would chicken out and become helplessly dumbfounded not uttering a single word until the girl was gone.
The poor guy's behaviour was completely unexpected, unreasonable and perplexing in the utmost. We, his friends, were baffled by his strange fear.
As much as we tried to coach him to go for the kill, the poor chap could never bring himself to say anything meaningful to the girl.
Instead, he would brag about the blooming love between himself and the maiden to every one of us, his buddies, who cared to listen.
Even though the girl did everything possible to encourage him to step forth, he could simply not overcome his fears.
As is always the case, before he could muster the courage to open his mouth, another neighbourhood dude had stolen his thunder and his prey.

Last night, life brought me a 'sankofa' moment.
I was talking to another friend on the phone and he talked about this friend. And all of a sudden the events I have narrated above begun to flood my mind. Then I remembered something. The behaviour of this friend taught me a great lesson in life about the importance of taking risk.

Fear is the undoing of many people.
The fear of rejection, of ridicule, of failure, of the unfamiliar ... continue to keep many good souls by the way side far from the very best.
As much as is possible I will continue to live my life in such a way that I will be able to grab every opportunity and chance, that come my way, with both hands.

A belly full of regrets is not something I wish to entertain at any point in life.
So I am reminding myself again today to strike while the iron is hot.
And Whilst at it to do so with a good measure of a killer instinct .
That, I believe, is a promise worth keeping to oneself!


sunnyside said...

I did enjoy reading this, poor guy, he lost her coz he cldnt step up. "Strike while the iron is hot" I will keep that in mind.

Esi W. Cleland said...

Yes, i agree with that one. Live life to the fullest. I think once you take the first risk and realise even though u failed the world did not end, it emboldens you to take more risks.

posekyere said...

Thanks for the positive sentiments,sunnyside.
Thanks also for visiting my blog.Welcome to this shore. I will sail to yours to check out what you are cooking.

posekyere said...

You put it so well, Esi!
The effort required to step out of one's familiar and comfort zone is perhaps the most formidable obstacle.
I have been enjoying your life adventures as depicted in your posts.
You are such a role model, Esi.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Awww, great perspicacious writing. I agree with Esi W. Cleland's comment.

posekyere said...

Thanks NY.
I am already waiting for the next tome of you Kumasi escapade.
Keep us abreast with the hearbeat of the place.
I am loving it immensely.
Bless you.

Denise said...

Hey Posekyere, never been one for great risk taking myself, though I am learning to do so in my old age. Lol! Interesting post - as usual - with lots of lessons and food for thought thrown in for good measure.

posekyere said...

Thanks Denise.
Perhaps there was no need to take great risks because life has been exceptionally good for you. Hehehe.
I believe that the best is ahead of you though. Continue to keep us informed as the new season of your beautiful life unfolds.
Bless you.