Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When The Devil Takes Early Morning Traffic

Driving to work today was an absolute nightmare.
It was extremely awful.
First was this lunatic driving a silver Toyota 4x4 Hilux who failed to stop at the 4-way stop, in the process almost causing an accident and then he had the cheek to shout like a maniac at me for pointing out his fault.
Knowing the high degree of road rage incidents in which many souls have lost their lives in South Africa, I kept my cool.
A couple of hundreds of metres later, I was in a roundabout and this white Merc just cut in front of me. I had to apply emergency measures to avoid bumping into the side.
As if that was not enough, he then proceeded to drive at a snail’s pace only to stop abruptly on the single-lane road for no obvious reason. A couple of hoots from other disgruntled drivers later, he casually put his hazards on and angrily waved everybody on.
However because there was traffic from the opposite direction, nobody could proceed.
Folks begun to hoot aggressively.
The devil then jumped out of his car, emitting loads of expletives, daring for a fight.

He was housed in the body of a bouncer, a mean-looking beast high on toxic energy and obviously in search of a prey.

Like me, everybody kept quiet, choosing to stay away from the wrath of the bully.
So he swaggered back into his car. His posture telling a pretentious story of someone who wanted all to believe that he had single-handedly won world war III.
His sadistic satisfaction directed at our expense.
Thank God nobody got hurt.
But the worst torturer today was the driver of black city golf.
As if he was crying for attention, he had put the bone-shaking ghetto blasters on full blast playing Mandoza’s ‘Nkalakatha’ with all his windows opened at around 7 am. Lol.
The sadistic grin behind those sun glasses was his way of showing us the middle finger.
Today, it seems, the devil decided to take early morning traffic.

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