Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Square Root Day!

Today, 3/3/09, is square root day!
This is an exclusive holiday for math-buffs. For those of you who are not that into the lovely lady, mathematics, three is the square root of nine. Even though I do not count myself as a 'square', nor a lover of roots, I think there is something beautiful in the way numbers and their roots pair up for this math tango.
In every century, square root day occurs only nine times. Because of its acute rarity, the celebrants of this nerdish festival design fetish spreadsheets of dates, hours, minutes and seconds for the sole purpose of enjoying what they see as super days.
Some people celebrate the day by cutting root vegetables and tubers into squares of different sizes, others make food in the shape of the square root symbol served in square plates.
The previous square root day was five years ago, 2 February 2004. The next one is seven long years away, on 4 April 2016.
Let us hope that by then the square root of the problems of Africa would have been found and the prosperity of Africa squared.
A very happy square root day to you all!!!!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Curious! And I did learn something. I am one of those who know zilch about math!

novisi said...


o yeah, maths is one of the sweetest!

meanwhile i remember the phrase 'square-root' used to 'arouse' some interesting giggles in class.

happy sq root day to all.

posekyere said...

I am told that the only mathematics legal-buffs need is the know-how of weighing the money.

That I beleive is supremely true!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Lol. Before that, it is the billing, sir, billing per hour!

posekyere said...

Yeah Nov,

Even though I have not as yet been able to fully grasp the reason behind "...the phrase 'square-root' used to 'arouse' some interesting giggles in class.", I believe there is some profound angle you are throwing into the equation.
If you don't mind, delve a little bit into the anatomy of the why there was such great interest in that particular term.
I am curious!!

posekyere said...

That is so instructive, NY,
The billing must come before the weighing, above the client I mean!
Mathematics surely comes in different notes!