Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In a small enterprise with a full complement of staff numbering 10, what do you consider to be the real meaning of the title:
Junior Associate Deputy Vice Foreman?
That is the official title of one of the overworked and underpaid workers.
I kid you not!


novisi said...

that's one that makes me crack my sides now!


Adaeze said...

lol. They gotta make it fancy to attract more employers or something :-p

posekyere said...

Hi Nov,
Isn't it absurd? Heh?
Gee, the love for titles is what came to me when I saw the guy's card.
And he adores his position. It makes him feel important.

posekyere said...

Gee Adaeze,
If this is the way to attract personnel, then the company is really retarded.
What happened to 'KISS:keep it simple stupid'?
I could not stop laughing after I left the guy. He really made my day.

Adaeze said...

first let me correct my typo post:EMPLOYEES not employers. Secondly Posekyere I was just joking :-p I'm still puzzled by these kind of things. I work in a company of 12, under a larger corporation, and my former boss (who as a real PITA(pain in the ass) named him self CEO and director and what not. What can I say, He liked to feel above everyone else! lol

posekyere said...

Chill Adaeze,

I hope you realise that my earlier response was not meant in any way to tear into you personally. Sorry if it came out like that. I actually was agreeing whole-heartedly with you.
My comment was that people who give themselves and others big useless titles are, in my opinion, little in their own eyes.
These titles, really, are like "bling-blings" meant to compensate for their own perceived inadequacies.
Btw, I like the abbreviation PITA. Funny.Sounds like my first name, Peter, but aptly glorious for describing your former boss.
Bless you!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Some employers, who are not of the KISS persuasion, actually think that you can underpay a worker and still do the Houdini and make them happy by giving them some piss-poor, prevaricating, fancy name. I'd like to be there when the Junior Associate Deputy Vice Foreman takes his title to the bank on the 24th of March.

Btw, who is the Senior Associate Foreman ;-)

posekyere said...

Hear, hear the lawyer speaks.
I guess a visit to the bank is not one of the most happy moments for the amply titled one.
The Senior Associate Foreman? Didn't ask. I will try to discover him when I am short of the anecdotal tonic.
Bless you, NY.