Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BioLogics of Hillbrow

Last Saturday I was in Hillbrow, the infamous epicentre of criminality in the environs of Johannesburg's Inner City.
The last time I was there, three years ago I think, I was robbed in broad daylight in a street full of people. Not only was no finger lifted to my defence by those in the street, they carried on as if they had witnessed nothing unusual. I guess to the residents of this notorious jungle of crime issues of robbery, murders, thuggery and other forms of crime are simply part of their dairy lives and therefore, it appeared to me, there was no need to make any fuss about another normal activity!
Even though I vowed never ever to venture into that part of town, I found myself in the that vicinity as I had to drop a friend who needed to be there to get his car from a mechanic's workshop.
My car was parked a good distance away and we walked a great deal of distance to the mechanic's workshop. On the way there, I realised that Hillbrow as it was three years ago has seen little, if any, changes at all. The most conspicuous difference was the large number of people standing on the street pavements hawking and passing out tracts and pamphlets to those passing-by.
This time though the closest I came to being mobbed was when three different tracts were thrust into my hands in a short space of time along yettah street.
All the three tracts, even though different in colour, advertised the services of one Dr. Musah from Uganda.
According to what was written on the papers, Dr. Musah has the skills and power(or is it magic) to boost the girth, length and strength of a certain part of the body to make my woman supremely happy. Provided were contact numbers and address for consultation.

I could not stop thinking about how he does that sort of thing. Even though I am not a biologist by any stretch of imagination, I think I am not ignorant as to the basic biology of how muscles develop. I was taught years ago that the way to build huge muscles is through exercising them regularly.
Obviously Dr. Musah is operating in the realms of biology beyond the borders of our solar system. Dr. Musah's promises are a great deal outside the logic of the biology that I was taught.


Adaeze said...

btw Posyekere, thanks for your comments on my blog. Your descriptions remind me of the city of Onitsha in Nigeria. The same kind of carelessness, since they are used to seeing it every day. Walking past a dead body is nothing extraordinary.
Secondly, I have been handed countless of these pamphlets myself, allthough not concerning the male genetalia as of yet. I had the impression that most of these "magicians" were Nigerian, at least the ones travelling around Europe handing out their pamphlets. "I Will change your life forever, give you fortune, fame and gold, a divine sex-life and neverending beauty". Or something like that. They always call themselves "Mr Miracle" or other similar names. How unoriginal. Lol.

Pen Powder said...

I like the idea of exercising one muscle to grow it. I am not sure though, that if we disagree with Dr Musah, exercising this muscle alone would give the same intended result. You would also need a lot of exercising equipment, and traners, dont you think PK?

I am not at all surprised that you got the pamphlet from Hillbrow though. They tried to sell me a space shuttle spare wheel a few years ago!

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze,
Good to hear your ever positive sentiments again.
The issue of people getting used to crime to the point of not confronting it is so sad.
As far as the claims of these bogus practictioners are concerned, I have my doubts as to why anybody will believe them.

posekyere said...

It appears to me that you have had an experience with the practice of the likes of Dr. Musah.
I wondered a bit at ..."You would also need a lot of exercising equipment, and traners, dont you think PK?". Interesting indeed. What sort of equipment is that Pen powder?

posekyere said...
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