Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plumber Gives Away Plum Treasure

In this dreary season of severe shortage of all manner of cash, how could a cash-forsaken plumber mistake a bounty of a treasure for a bomb?
A clueless plumber digging a drainage system for the purpose of installing water pipes in the East Rand of Johannesburg comes across a sopping cooler box buried about two metres below the surface.
Convinced that he had chanced upon a deadly cocktail of super bombs similar to Saddam Hussein's yet unearthed weapons of mass destruction, he dialed the police hot-line to report that the clicking devices are about to flatten the motherland.
The bomb disposal unit arrives in a flash.
Box is meticulously opened and... instead of a dreadful beast of super bombs, they unwrap 1.5 million rands in hard cool cash.
Cops dutifully load bounty into their car for 'further investigations', leaving behind bewildered plumber to his fate of digging up dirt.

What would you have done?


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Ain't life always like that? We always wait for good luck to come wrapped up as an unmistakably beautiful present. Poor plumber. Next, he may see a stick of dynamite and foolishly open it, looking for gold dust!

posekyere said...

I wonder if Mrs plumber will ever stop nagging him for missing this chance of a lifetime.
A belly full of regret is the sure possession he will carry for the rest of his life.
Like you said, this cruel treatment by fate(or is it choice?)will certainly lead to a fatalistic aversion for reasonable precaution.

novisi said...

Nana does paint the converse picture so well.

so had it been me two things:
1. if i have the time and all i'd go finding out exactly what the police do with all the money.
2. if i don't have the time and other resources, i'd just give it up and smile knowing very well that it all leads to little really!

posekyere said...

I don't think the guy has any choice really.
Hopefully he will not spend the rest of his life imagining what could have happened to the detriment of whatever life he can make from what he already has.

Pen Powder said...

Please nevermake me meet up with Mr Plumber...

posekyere said...

Gee Pen Powder,

Self-forgiveness even though free is something he will struggle with for the rest of his life.
I really wish him an even opportunity.

B.O.N.T.I said...

Posekyere. I'm sure i would have done the same thing the plumber did.

posekyere said...

Geez B.O.N.T.I,
Yeah sure! Did you really mean that? Why would you do that ?
I am hoping you will brief me on the fundamental reasons behind your stand.