Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Booby Trap

With breasts inflated as balloons
How come you walk on soily ground like the rest of us
Held down by earth's incessant pound

Pump baby pump
One day You will trade
The lowly strut For the saintly grade

Run baby run
Soon you will fly
From minds that grasp your bosom to ply

Soar baby soar
Free from earth's trap
Amongst dancing stars up yonder in fervent clap


novisi said...

hi there,
this is really intriguing!

i'm not sure if i get the underlining point really

but the reading is intriguing... i love the booby talk...

posekyere said...

Saw these huge 'balloons' the other day and I have been trying hard to understand why they are so similar in appearance to hot air balloons but are not able to lift up the possessor.

Hope you got me. Hehehee.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Oh, so that's what you meant, huh? I appreciate your helium humour :)

posekyere said...

Thanks NY,
I do realise that the post has a bit of crappiness to it but heh,I needed to get it off my chest somehow.
Crap happens sometimes.

novisi said...

hahahaha! that's just booby really!

and takes my mind to a musical video of a latest hit by the the hiplife group praye!

i remember too that back in school we had Kofi Wayo come to tell us (2000 elections) how the current chairman of the Mills admin council of state told him he loves big ones! so we called them 'Awoonor mates'! interesting times gone there!

hot air balloons soon they would become!

i think the write-up makes interesting reading!

sweet! and i could go on and on!