Friday, March 27, 2009

My Creative Corner @ Home

Forget the study room. And also the dining room.
Sitting in front of the TV does not do it for me either.
The bedroom, hmmm, is for other essential services.
What does it for me is the shower.
I am talking about the particular spot at home where I am at my peak when it comes to generating creative ideas!
My time under the shower, under the torrents of precious warm water, is also the time when I am most imaginative, most creative and most artistic. Shower time tickles my creative fancy like nothing else.
You simply cannot believe some of the serious out-of–the-box thinking that goes on there. Many are the breathtaking speeches, the applause-inducing oratories, the award-winning performances, the fantastic presentations, the grandiose business ideas, the spectacular solutions to complex global mathematical formulations, the angelic melodies and other einsteinian discoveries that have taken place right under the shower.
The problem is: the creative juices quickly dry up as soon as I get out of the shower.
Why is that the case?


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Posekyere, this is Weird! I swear all my friends know that the shower is my thinking place! This is sooooooo weird. Cool!

Adaeze said...

Do you write your blogposts in your head and memorize them in the shower too? They're very creative.

I think the shower is also my creative corner sometimes. If not that then it's where I crack out solutions to problems, or make plans. I think it is because it is a peaceful place where U can be all alone by yourself not distracted by other things going on?

posekyere said...

Hi NY,
From your comments, it is evident that I am not the only weirdo around.
Pretty soon I will be keeping a notebook in the bathroom for the purpose of capturing the thoughts and ideas that emanate from under the shower.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

... and the weirdness doubles! I keep a thinking notebook too! Lol!

posekyere said...

Not at all Adaeze.
I have not really observed any structured approach in the ways I write the posts. Sometimes an idea comes and I just sit down before the laptop and type away. Other times, I sort of meditate over a pressing issue for some days before I write anything down.
Sometimes, I end up having several irons in the fire concurrently.
The shower moments are usually on much more serious matters.

posekyere said...

Now tell me every other thing you do. I don't need to go the trial and error path, you know!
Is your Dad by any means called Osei-Sekyere? Hehehehe.
Have a fab weekend!!!!

novisi said...

my most cherished 'ruminating' place for creativity of 'intention' is the loo in house. i love sitting on the WC for hours till someone comes knocking!

and i'm mostly there with a book i'm reading, a notebook, newspapers etc! and i do a bit of each before i finally flash! and sometimes when i share an idea or two with people the only thing that goes through my head after that is: "now, i wish you knew where all these came to mind!"

it's almost a saturday ritual now! weird huh!!! i enjoy it and i don't know why!

posekyere said...

I need to explain myself concerning the previous comments.
What I meant as a joke was that you could be my brother seeing we have at least two things in common.
Besides my Dad was pretty prolific as a sower of his seeds.
It was a joke but could be misunderstood big time.

posekyere said...

Good one Nov,
We could teach a whole generation a thing or two about how they could unleash their creative potential: at least one bathroom/loo and the study in every home should be linked ensuite somehow.

Nii Saki said...

good one Novisi. Thankfully
, ideas dont dry when you come outta the loo, cos there's loads more where that came from. lol.