Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Would You?

Will Jacob Zuma take Mzansi up or down?
Would you I predicted what people will say at the end of his term in power?
Will Barack Obama manage to carve a lasting agenda in town?
Would you mind if I shared with you what I suspect to be brewing in his tower?

Will Atta Mills' decisions ever be considered his own?
Would you care if I told you I dread the deadpan silence from his corner?
Will Prince Charles ever ascend the throne?
Would you bother if you never lived to hear his rhetorical flourishes finer ?

Will Ghana have a few thousand millionaires soon?
Would you care to know that there are a few who got theirs by a loot or two?
Will peace ever dwell under the Middle East's pretty moon?
Would you say a prayer and wait until there are no more lives to lay down too?

Will history ever stop the repeating tune?
Would you and the rest desist from walking down the same crazy path?
Will men ever cease making women moan?
Would you rather they mourned spending the rest of their lives in teary bath?


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Pretty cool, and cleverly structured, questions, man. I like!

posekyere said...

Thanks NY for your positive comments.
It means a lot to me.
Thanks again.

Adaeze said...

thoughtprovoking piece! I like it so much. Reminds me of the thoughts I have about hypocrites. Or the people in this world who are so quick to judge but are no better themselves...I'm going to come back and re-read again :-)

Pen Powder said...

Dear God, I pray so hard, that Jay Zee (Jacob Zuma) a.k.a "Shower Power" will not make another Zimbabwe out of South Africa. Amen.

posekyere said...

Good to hear that the piece brings something to mind. I hope that it will induce a positve vibe in you.
I really loved reading yours about friendship. It was super!
Thanks Adaeze for the comments.

posekyere said...

I sense some form of pain and disappointment on your part.
My heart is joined to yours in agreement in prayer for South Africa.
May our collective prayer be answered by our God in time. Amen.

novisi said...

men dare not stop making women moan! they dare not! (and that is a statement).

and if Atta Mills decisions are never considered his own then would the perpetrators of that song sing a haleluya to someone else (Rawlings???) for a good job done if (and again if) Atta Mills succeeds??? (and that is a question).

i don't have any prejudice about Zuma!

i don't believe Ghana or any other country having millionaires is anything to cheer about! cos that would hardly solve any of the myriad of problems with have as human beings! they would only make the rich club and we would be ranking them year after year!

i pray for peace in the Middle East and everywhere else on earth!!!

posekyere said...

Yes man.
I see, you are a man of principles.
The world needs lots of people like you who are strong enough to live by what is right.
Concerning millionaires though, don't you think a lot more of them investing in Ghana could help create more jobs and wealth for the country?
The greater the number of millionaires the greater the multiplier effect. No?