Thursday, April 23, 2009

South Africa Votes II

The results of the national and provincial elections are rolling in fast and furious.
With a large chunk of of the results already in, the ANC is heading for a two-third majority in the national election. The party is also heading for victory in 8 of the 9 provinces.
The Western Cape is the only province expected to go to the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). Helen Zille, the leader of the DA is expected to become the Premier of that province.

Provisional Results
ANC ( 65% ) DA ( 16%) COPE ( 8%) IFP (2%)

Mr Jacob Zuma is expected to be elected as the next President of South Africa by the National Assembly early next month after the swearing in of the new members of parliament.
Everybody is now waiting anxiously to see the composition of the next ANC government.
Let us pray and hope that JACOB GEDLEYIHLEKISA ZUMA and his incoming administration will be able to take Mzansi to a much better future.


Sijui said...

An otherwise bleak election has turned out to have some silver linings:
1) creation of COPE-that 8% vote I'm sure represents the small but emerging Black middle and upper class in Mzansi who rightfully accept that the integrity and legitimacy of the ANC has run its course and it is now time to move on-gladly they have learned the lesson from other African countries i.e. independence parties that are unchallenged and unchecked soon become morally, philosophically and intellectually banrkrupt and quickly morph in to tyrannies.
2) Whites and coloreds have a strong and legitimate vehicle to political representation, and are reaping the rewards of sticking to and participating in the open, democractic process of South Africa. Whilst I agree with most that Jacob Zuma is loathsome and a STEP BACKWARDS for SA, I have even less sympathy for WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS who bitch and moan about the deteriorating situation from afar, HAVING FLED THEMSELVES THE HARSH AND NECESSARY PROCESS OF BUILDING A NEW SOUTH AFRICA. After all the racial, political and economic dysfunction of South Africa is MOSTLY A RESULT OF 100 YEARS OF APARTHEID AND WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM THAT FACT. All South Africans 'broke it' and so must now 'fix it.'

posekyere said...

Thanks Sijui.
I am in total agreement with your sentiments.
I expected COPE to do better than they did. A greater part of the black middle class, the black diamonds as they are called, voted for ANC though. I suppose there is a hesitancy on the part of many people to commit to COPE. It is the usual 'devil you know being better than the angel you don't know' stuff.
The DA is the party that represents the aspiration of most white, coloureds and Indians. In the Western Cape where the combined population of the coloureds and whites is more than that of blacks the DA won easily.
The only problem is the landslide percentage that the ANC has garnered despite all the failure to deliver to the masses. It will require something really dramatic for most blacks to look away from the ANC.
Going forward, I am hoping to see the day COPE will be given the chance to prove what they are made of.
Until COPE is given a chance to govern at the provincial level at least, South Africans will never know what great opportunities they are keeping themselves away from.
Thanks Again, Sijui.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Greetings from the French Alps - thanks for all this interesting info :)

posekyere said...

Thanks Here, There....
I am really grateful for your comments. May the beautiful summer of the French Alps bring loads of joy and contentment to your heart.
Bless you!!!