Monday, April 27, 2009

Africa: Changing In Order To Embrace Greatness

MMERE DANE : Adinkra Symbols representing the changing times

There are moments in life when the exposure to the story of a great man triggers an irresistible quest, an irrepressible realization that one has got to break out of the cocoon of personal comfort in order to reach for a much higher and loftier dream.Such a turning point in life is usually characterized by a season of dissatisfaction akin to deep displeasure with oneself on one hand and a great desire in one’s heart for change on the other.Sometimes we aspire for change but then we are not really ready to make the necessary amendments to bring about the change we dream about.The story of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. of blessed memory has had such a profound effect upon me lately. I am presently reading his biography and two days ago my admiration of him was reinforced by a programme on his short life on Oprah Winfrey’s show which was rebroadcasted on SABC 3.
He was and still remains one of the greatest and most transformational leaders in the history of the world. A man who believed in the right cause, stood for it and never shied away despite the dangers associated with the choices he made. At the end it did cost him his life. But the cause he gave his life to finally brought about the freedom of a people who had been under the yoke of oppression for so long. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. by the service he rendered became the midwife of the change in that generation.
<"Everyone has the power of greatness.
Not fame bot greatness.
Because greatness is determined by service.">
****Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
Yet again today, we are witnesses of the birth pangs of another historic era of change . I sincerely believe that another great change is inevitable in the face of the monumental 'evolution' taking place around us in the field of economics, technology, science, the environment and politics.
It seems to me as if the entire world is being primed for a shift of Gondwanaland-esque proportions in our lifetime. The entire global economic infrastructure is falling like dominoes all over the place. The only choice is to embrace the changing dynamics, since resisting it will lead to inevitable downfall.
It is my treasured opinion that had it not been the all-encompassing transformation taking place in the world today the 44th President of the United States of America would have been somebody other than Barack Hussein Obama. Change, I am certain, has its own way of unearthing the men and women who have been raised and prepared specifically to act as its architects and managers.
Africa as a matter of fact cannot afford to continue to do things the way she has done over the years. Her Nations and peoples must, as a matter of great importance, learn to embrace change in order to give birth to a new collective identity, our identity of greatness. The Renaissance of Africa will only come about through our preparedness to chart a new way for ourselves in the midst of the prevailing uncertainties and the unprecedented turmoil in the global economy.
It is the greatest battle Africa will ever fight and we dare not miss this opportunity being presented by the present global crisis.
As for me, I am off to compile a list of the changes I need to make.


Today's ranting said...

Hmmmm I so feel you on this change thing. Change is soooo inevitable but we often sometimes find it hard to adapt to new situations. I need to change certain things about me that I feel will help a great deal. I need to make good effort. This post is quite inspiring.

posekyere said...

My, my, my Today's ranting!
I have just checked your blog and I am in love. I am your contended follower from today.
Thanks for your positive comments.
The essence of life, I believe, is learning to embrace change and while at it enjoying every moment and every encounter.
May you,today, make the decision to set the ball rolling.
Bless You!