Wednesday, April 22, 2009

South Africa Votes I

This morning, despite the chilling weather, long queues of old and young South Africans waiting with steely determination to exercise their democratic right have already started moving towards the 19700 voting stations spread across all 9 provinces of the Republic.

Already e-tv is reporting of the discovery of ballot boxes stuffed with marked ballot papers in favour of the IFP in Ulundi in the Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) province as well as the shooting of an IEC presiding officer in Qwaqwa in the Free State Province.

By and large, KZN is the most likely place for a flare-up of election violence, if there should be any. About 23 000 security officers have been posted to various parts of the province to forestall violence.

In the main though, the elections are expected to be generally free and fair.

More update to follow soon.


Denise said...

Of course you know we will be depending on you for the country-based insights. Interesting times uh?

posekyere said...

Yeah Denise. Pretty interesting.
South Africans are dreaming of change but most are simply hoping for a change within the ANC itself: under a government led by Mr Jacob Zuma. At present it is only a dream for 'some' change. People have not yet reached that point of a deep hunger for fundamental change because so far hope and optimism remain pretty strong.
The concept of voting for another party is pretty uncomfortable with many folks. It has to do with the fact that to most black South Africans the ANC is the party credited with the demise of apartheid.
I am not sure how brilliantly the newest party,COPE, which broke away from the ANC about a 100 days ago will perform.
The performance of COPE will give an indication of how the emerging political scenarios will play out going forward.

Adaeze said...

So very interesting indeed. I really, really hope the elections will remain free and fair..AT LEAST for the most part. Thanks for keeping me updated.

Abena said...

Interesting stuff Posekyere. I'm surprised that KZN would be a contentious place. Especially since South Africa is on the eve of having it's first ever Zulu president. Somehow I assumed that the IFP would have lost significant ground particularly in this election given the Zuma factor....

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze.
The presiding officer in Ulundi where the electoral fraud took place has been arrested and the ballot box quarantined.
So far the matter has been dealt with promptly and I don't think there will be any difficulties with the acceptability of the voting there.
So far everything has proceeded pretty well.
I think the elections will be declared free and fair.

posekyere said...

Yeah Ohemaa.
Your perceptive explanation is the very reason why the IFP is not happy.
Should Zuma being a Zulu pick up substantial votes in the IFP stronghold as expected, the IFP will lose heavily in the national and provincial elections: a situation the IFP does not want to see happen.
Be it as it may, the ANC is expected to win massively in KZN.

novisi said...

i hope and pray that the people see meaning in all the power struggle!

nkosi kelele Africa!

posekyere said...

Hi Nov,
Like you we are all praying hard for a smooth sailing for South Africa under the presidency of Mr Jacob Zuma.
There is no doubt that South Africans have handed a massive victory to the ANC and Jacob Zuma.