Friday, April 3, 2009

National Cleavage Day?

Today, I heard on talk radio 702, is national cleavage day!
Don't know how this 'celebration' started, but gosh why not national elbow play?
Ugh, what a shame that the titillating sway is not a national holiday.

Don't know about you but I am wondering what the day is all about
What is expected of us, men, to do on this day to keep our women on the beat ?
I am not waiting to be assailed by provocative flashes of unwrapped assets
Hissing from unfenced alien estates all day long like forbidden fruits daring me a threat.

Mess not my day with amplitudes of heaving bosom's revelations
I am not in the mood for an orchestra of wardrobe malfunctions.


novisi said...

this sounds so good!

i hope it comes to Ghana too soon!

the eyes need nourishment!

posekyere said...

Gee Nov,
'the eyes need nourishment!' is pretty apt.
But the idea of drowning literally in a sea of 'cleavages on display' is superfluous. Don't you think so?

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

To make it gender-inclusive, men could also bare the cleavage in their lower cheeks. Lol.

posekyere said...

Ain't they once again much more gifted in that department than us, men?
As far as cleavages go the fairer(?) ones win hand down, but gosh what can we do except admire the fine details of the beautiful sculpture of the female body!
I enjoy seeing them most when I have the goods to myself alone in secret instead of the public display that goes on these days.