Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sartorial Re-invention

I have decided to re-invent my wardrobe after an astonishing observation on my part, no on the part of my wife. I have realised that my favourite colour is not blue as I had earlier assumed, but yellow. A yellow shirt or tie somehow does wonders for me: I become much more relaxed, more engaging and outgoing, more resourceful, more productive. In one word the yellow colour brings out the best in me instead of the mostly white and blue shirts I am used to wearing to work.
I guess it has to do with how people react to me in the colour as supposed to how I relate to them. I don't know for sure, perhaps yellow is the colour that attracts people to me the most.
To function optimally and enhance my personal brand I will be donning something with a yellow streak in it more and more to see where it takes me.
This all begun last year when my better half commented on the fact that I was 'glowing' in the yellow shirt I wore to a Church service. Since then I have noticed how positive the responses have been form colleagues and friends whenever I don a good yellow fabric.
Having grown up in Ghana, I am used to the diverse manner we clothe ourselves, however the type of corporate culture in South Africa being formal as it is, has not really allowed me much space to incorporate my idea of sartorial excellence in the way I 'adorn' myself for work here.
There are however certain colours I will never be found dead in:
1. no red shirts for formal occasions. To me it does show a lack of a serous disposition. Nincompoopish is what I prefer to call it.
2. no pink colours. Many men are embracing this colour, but call me conservative or what you like, the colour does not do it for me, period.
3. no green socks or suits, please. It is so otherworldly on me, make me look like an alien.
4. no white suits.They are too showy for my liking! I am not an entertainer nor am I a magician.
I don't want to take myself so seriously though, so I am ready to listen to your good suggestions on what is in vogue for a dark-skinned chap like myself in this season.
My eyes are wide opened to read your personal experiences.


Adaeze said...

lol you sure seem to have your mind made up :-) I agree, white suits are too showy, but white in general is quite nice. Isn't red ok if it's not a formal occasion? I think so. Colours are good.

posekyere said...

Hi Adaeze!
Pretty much so.
With the way the world is going bunkers, if you don't set some pretty decent standards you will very easily cross all perimeters of decency before somebody can shout: aba!

Denise said...

Posekyere, your post reminded me of a guy I saw recently. Full white suit, and white Rumpelstiltskin type shoes (the ones that curl up at the front) that many Ghanaian men still seem to favor. All this topped with a white cowboy hat! And man was he stepping!
Anyway, its good that you as men can also think about revamping your wardrobes. Are you planning on visiting Ghana soon? I see some interesting shirts and designs here that are manly but really sophisticated at the same time. Good luck in your revamping!

posekyere said...

Hi Denise,
What a sight to behold!
There are plans to come for a short visit.I will keep you posted just before I do.
Thanks for your brilliant suggestions.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I'll just suggest you think of black shirts. They are the coolest colour I know (and then, again, black is not even a colour. Lol)

posekyere said...

Yebo Nana yaw, black shirts are fine by me.
They definitely are on my list for 2009.

novisi said...

i wish we didn't have to wear anything apart from 'wearing nakedness'! lol!

but lets see, just enjoy whatever you choose to wear... then enjoy what others wear; be they collourful or "agartha" (black & white)...


Nii Ayi said...

I have a red shirt which makes me feel exactly the way u do in ur yellow shirt. It allows me to get rave reviews from both sexes. anyway did I get u rite- did u really say yellow shirt ? ewwww.....

posekyere said...

You are welcome, Nii Ayi to my world of yellow beautiful shirts!
My colour is yellow. Yellow really works for me and it is also cool. Try it and maybe you will dig it too.
Gee, red is surely...something else!No?