Friday, January 30, 2009

Size Does More Than Matter!

A group of young testosterone-driven obrunis pitch up in a drinking hole in Durban.
Their mission: to have a jolly good time on a weekend night out.
A while later 3 young men of Indian descent pop into the same venue.
Paths meet and they start to drink and chat. Macho bragging enters the fray.
Throw into the pot an orgasmic argument about the sizes of their genitalia.
Racial egos flare up overheating the already deadly inferno.
Infuriated, the trio pull out only to return minutes later armed
with deadly weapons to despense justice their own way.
A few seconds later, 4 of the obrunis lay dead. Who told you size does not matter?
The 3 are now awaiting trial and needless to say, it is not just their egos that have shrunk in size.


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Is this a true story..?
Pathetic if it is - there is a saying that goes: "it's not size that matters, it's what you do with it"..!!!
Have a nice day..:)

novisi said...

as for the matter of size i can only be told or i have to experience it in some other way...

this racial thing though is nauseating! i feel no sympathies! both parties are guilty! yellow or red!

but of course one knows that the world is and has long been a sick corner! we might need to change location??? huh!

posekyere said...

What you did read is the fact. It is not a story! It was on the news here for many days.
I guess the triggers are a lot more complicated like most human issues: a mixture of personal insecurities, racism, booze and inferiority complex all coming together.
But the death of people because of an argument about the size of penises is, in my opinion, very sad.

posekyere said...

It takes somone who is seriously troubled to unhinge the way the trio did.
When it was announced on air here great was the astonishment of many people.
I am not a psychologist by any stretch of imagination, but be as it may the lives of 4 people have been cut off and, who knows, theirs may no longer be meaningful to themselves and the society in which they come from.
What I don't understand is this: how do people so desparately argue about something like that unless of course there was a parade and the trio were found wanting.
Heei, I know I should not be making fun of something so deadly.