Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Snoozing President, A Choatic Transition And A Nation in Need of Therapy!

There is a disturbing trend slowly evolving in the supposedly "better Ghana" under the watch, oops, the snooze of John Atta-Mills.
If the 'performance' of John Atta-Mills over the past week has any correlation with his oversung leadership credentials, then there is absolutely no hope for Ghana for the next four years.
How the chap has managed to self-induce himself into such a state of clinical comatose is beyond logic.
From the week-long demonstration he has thus far provided, it appears to me that, Atta-Mills is either clueless of what is expected of him and as a result he is incapable of dealing with the tragedy already brewing right under his nose or he is not really in charge of the affairs of state.
First. The disgraceful, highhanded, unwarranted and vexatious confiscation of vehicles from their rightful owners at the DVLA by a mufti-attired gang under the pretense that the vehicles belonged to the state.
How can a government, oops, a team that promised a clean, accountable, and respectful services to Ghanaians begin on such a shocking note of disservice.
Having bungled a simple exercise of verification of ownership of vehicles, the team in total humiliation had to return the ceased vehicles to the owners.
Why can't issues be resolved in an orderly manner? What happened to the rule by the law, or is the NDC now the law unto themselves?
Second. The Victor Smith mafia-like storming of the castle with another gang of mufti-attired hoodlums to supposedly stop members of the out-going government from looting state vehicles.
This turned out to be a complete alarmist faux pas. A really stupid action, if you ask me.
Why are these people behaving like they are taking over the country through a coup d'etat. There are procedures and rules of engagement that are supposed to be followed so that we don't appear as fools in the eyes of the world. But hey, these are not the type that follow the law!
How can they say that they are defending the interests of the state when their actions are against the jurisprudence of the state they purport to be defending.
This banana- republic mentality is so primitive!
Third. The senseless and fatal shooting of a Ghanaian-American tourist in Saltpond. An innocent human being killed like a dog. The executioners of this young man were of the very same mufti-attired brigade, who we are told 'mistook' the young man riding a motorbike for a common criminal and therefore decided to make him wet.
How can Ghana all of a sudden descend into such state of lawlessness and impunity at the very birth of the Atta-Mills presidency?
All these three guerrilla-style incidents are linked to the direct involvement of the 64 Battalion of the Ghana Armed Forces. Apparently, this unit is a remnant of the notorious commando structures which existed under Rawlings' brutal PNDC regime.
Now do you see where the real instructions are coming from?
The most savage actions reminiscent of the PNDC era are the reported takeover of the operation of toilets in Ashaiman by NDC functionaries, the dislodging of tenants perceived to be NPP by their NDC landlords as well as the daily beatings being meted out to NPP supporters by NDC members throughout the country.
Why is the president keeping mum whilst all these atrocities are taking place?
Now the one who cannot keep his mouth shut has started airing his displeasure whilst the snoozing one continues to snore in blissful disregard.
[They will not tolerate the poverty of inaction or perhaps the poverty of action is what he meant. ]


Adaeze said...

I hope you'll continue educating me on ghanese politics in the future? I also hope these negative developments won't go any further. According to everything I've heard it sounds like Ghana is on such a good path and I'd hate to see her move two steps backwards now..

posekyere said...

Hi Adaeze,
I try to blog about even the rather insignificant tremors so that all of us will be on our guard and thus prevent the development of serious earthquakes in our society.
Ghana should be better than it currently is in my view.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Pulling no punches, this year, huh? I choose to wait for another 3 months or so. Bet you'll say Ghana can ill-afford that time.

novisi said...

hi man!
another powerful rendition into sweetness! i'm trilled beyond limits...

I wish all of us would mount such pressures to keep our leaders on their toes so we get what we deserve...

obviously, there's a lot of rot being perpetuated since the old man Mills took charge of our authority... AND YES I BELIEVE THAT MILLS IS JUST TOO 'LOUDLY' QUIET FOR MY COMFORT... he must talk now!

however so, i just want to state that the issue of the shooting of the Ghanaian tourist in the central region by the military we are told occurred on the 2ND OF JANUARY while voters in Tain were busy amidst all the heat in Ghana! THAT MEANS it was under the watch of Kufuor but not Mills! so that was really before the birth of Mills the Fiiifi!

in that direction i would just expect that Mills would bring pressure to bear on the military high command to expedite action to tell us why their so-called investigation is taking so long!

As for the one 'who should keep his mouth shut', i believe we must allow everyone to scream at leadership no matter the size of their nose! i just believe in freedom of the speech...

we have a sick society... and i just hope that we start seeing signs of healing... the toilet seizures and takeovers must JUST STOP...

and i hope we start to differentiate between political parties stance and sheer hooliganisms by all sorts of groups or individuals!!!

cheers man and mo power!!!

novisi said...

i forgot to add; that Mills must soonest realise (if he hasn't) that we are in VERY ABNORMAL TIMES... these are definitely not normal times to relax in comfort with a glass of wine in hand...

cheers still!!!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Biting(as usual in 09). Sounds so true except chronologically, I believe the poor guy who was shot on the bike in Saltpond was shot when JAK was still prez, I think.

posekyere said...

Hi Nana Yaw,

Ghanaians have placed so much confidence in Atta-Mills.
After accepting the invitation to tango, it is curious that he does not seem to be respondng to the rhythms on the dance floor.
I read somewhere that paralysis of leadership coupled with overcautiousness is usually symptomatic of Atychiphobia- fear of failure or even paranoia.
I hope that Atta-Mills' inaction is something rather, eh, transient.

posekyere said...

Good one there, Novisi,
There is a bob on the beat watching you, JAM.
Hopefull he will hear the voice of our words somehow.

posekyere said...

Thanks for the correction, Nana Yaw.
The fact remains that the same unit of the army was involved in all the atrocities.
And again on the 2 December everybody knew that power, for all purposes and intentions, no longer rested in JAK's or NPP's hands, so the guys did this deed because they knew power had shifted to the NDC and Atta-Mills. No?

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Posekyere, you' re more perceptive than I. ;-)

posekyere said...

Hi Nana Yaw,
The lawyer that you are is clearly at work here!
You, indeed, know how to win by heaping flatteries on the counter-party.
Bless you pal.