Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Expectations and Predictions for 2009

2009 has begun in full force.
The recent high pitch political temperatures in Ghana and the US are expected to cool down appreciably after the inaugurations of the respective presidents and with that, hopefully, politics will be left in the hands of politicians, whilst the rest of us move on with our lives.
On the global scene, let us hope that with an inspirational president in the person of Barack Obama in the White House and the economic stimulus package working its way through the system, the global economy will begin to find its own positive rhythm after the recent terrible economic recession and the associated socio-economic upheavals.
We will certainly see a bit of light inside the tunnel by the last quarter of 2009.
The oil price will begin to rise gradually again as global consumption begins to pick up. The manufacturing and the resources sectors will once again become the drivers of global revival as the positive momentum makes its way through the global economy.

Back at home in Ghana, let us pray and hope that President John. Atta-Mills (JAM) will be allowed( you know by who?) to appoint a competent team to fulfil his vision for a better Ghana. My fear is that a certain clique within the NDC will do the utmost to hijack real power from him. Expect a bitter infighting for the plumb ministerial portfolios by the different blocs in the NDC.
Not much though is expected to happen in Ghana in 2009. The new government will need time and space to sync up with the economic realities on the ground as well as to apply their minds and work their way through the short- to medium- term economic policy jungle out there at a time of restricted investments, dwindling remittances and curtailed capital flows to emerging markets.. Any appreciable socio-economic change therefore can only take place from 2011 onwards; some months after the oil pumps are switched on and the stream of oil revenue begin to flow into the Ghanaian economy.

On a personal front, I need to explore some business initiatives to enlarge my tent.
The problem is, I am still in the off-work mode and I am finding it pretty tedious to get back into gear. I hope I am able to become my productive self before the beginning of next week.

I pray that you become tuned to the possibilities out there around you and that you grab with both hands all the opportunities that come your way throughout two thousand and nice!


Maya said...

It will definitely be an interesting year, I am so curious to see what Obama and Mills have to offer. Here in Ghana, there's already a buzz about how Mills will be displaced by the other fractions in the party. Let's hope it's all speculations as Mills nd Mahama certainly represent the more democratic parts of the NDC. (Although, if it's true, the fact that Mills went straight to the big bad wolf's house after the announcement he had won, really did nothing to settle people's worries.)

Either way, this is a difficult time in which to take over any country and Ghana in particular as I am sure the effects of the credit crunch will hit us a bit later in terms of less international funding and reduced investments in the country. That in addition to what you mention about the oil means Mills has a heavy task ahead of him and I look forward to seeing how he deals with it.

novisi said...

a lot of expectations for 2009 really...that's how we just measure it by some convention...counting time...

i just wish to see changes in the way a lot of things are done! i wish for more space to express myself be it that i make sense or not...be it that i'm accepted or not...and i want to see this happening beyond the measure of 2009...into the future...

as for JAM...i think i know the 'who' you refer to by 'general' perception but i'm not into that kind of interpretation so i'm ready fully to hold JAM responsible by his actions and inactions...he is the one who will be the ultimate bearer of authority in the nation ON OUR BEHALF!

but of course the perceptions can't JUST be wished away so one can only wait to see what happens! Tomorrow, he would be sworn-in and i hope i don't start hearing any dwelling on honey-moon! whatever is done must be done right...at least the attempt must be clear...

on the personal front, i hope to keep making life more fulfilling for me but definitely not to be bound by a measure of 2009...i'm looking at my total time on earth...

while i breathe...

posekyere said...

Hi Novisi,

Good to read your noble expectations for 2009 and beyond.
I hope we will have many good things to share about our new president and the progress he unlrashes in Ghana.
May the goodwill of Ghanaians and that of the good Lord be with him and his team.
Bless you pal.

posekyere said...

Hi Maya,
Good to see we are in agreement concerning the realities on the ground.
The fact is that the performance of the first year of the presidency will become a sort of benchmark in people's minds as to what will happen throughout the rest of the term of the administration.
Hopefully JAM has already rolled his sleeves even before his inauguration.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I am waiting to see how Mills does; who he appoints to what position; what undertones, undercurrents and implications can be drawn. I will trust him until he gives me reason not to.

I am also in vacation cruise control and cannot seem to concentrate on work. Glad that a high-flyer like you feels the same. All is not lost for me then. Maybe next week ...

posekyere said...

Hi Nana Yaw,
Feels good to read your much-awaited comments.
Your comment "..a high-flyer like you feels the same." is pretty flattering to say the least.
Hopefully you are praying for a replacement of my ostrich wings with angelic ones for 2009.
Come out of hibernation pal,
we are anxiously waiting at the courts of your litrary restuarant.

Esi W. Cleland said...

I wish/hope Mills will appoint the most competent people for the job and not simply reward old ndc faithfuls and campaign people. I'm not holding my breath but we shall live to see.

posekyere said...

Hi Esi,
Like you, I sincerely hope Mills will see beyond the NDC kraal when appointing people for his administration.
So far he has not demonstrated any appreciable degree of broad-mindedness in as far as picking new, competent non-pndc-era people is concerned.
Ghanaian politics cannot and must not remain the same-old, same-old antagonostic, eye-4-eye,tooth-4-tooth drudgework.