Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hide and Seek Has Begun

The speed with which our newly-crowned president has decided to dish all the pressing matters on his table in order to attend the extra-ordinary session of ECOWAS can not be simply explained by an agape love for the citizens of Guinea nor can it be explained by the dearth of suitable officials to represent him in Abuja. JAM had to be there because it was the only suitable way to get away from the pressure from the powers that be.
Me-thinks the dude used the ECOWAS meeting to dash away from the incessant calls coming from the generalissimo of his party's to come for the list of ministers he must appoint in the cabinet.
JAM has to devise a much more persuasive means of avoiding the inevitable arm-twisting than running to Nigeria. He simply must stand upon his two feet and make it clear to EVERYBODY that he is charge from now on. Perhaps he also wanted to meet the Man of God in Nigeria who, I am told, prayed him into Golden Jubilee House.[Read This]
Meanwhile did you hear that Victor Smith, the ex- charge d'affairs of JJ Rawlings, charged into Osu Castle like a hungry hippopotamus with a band of loyal soldiers to lay claim to all the keys of state vehicles?
Now look at where his priorities lie: cars!
It is time for them also to ride and ride they will big-time.
The gravy train is about to depart from the station.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Wow, Posekyere, don't reload! You gave us enough bullets. I didn't see the ECOWAS trip in that light.

As for the Victor Smith thingie, I was horrified to hear it. I was particularly horrified because I heard that there were former 'commandos' in the 'visiting party'. ThaT should not be happening on the watch of the new-face NDC.

You will take no hostages, this year, no?

Abena said...

*LOL* Posekyere, very witty one! Was wondering in what capacity Mr. Victor Smith acted when he led a small troop to the castle to seize car-keys....apparently he denies the incident ever occurred.

But to be fair to JAM, the ECOWAS summit gives him the perfect opportunity to really outdoor himself as the new president of Ghana on the international scene.

posekyere said...

Hi Nana Yaw,
Clearly we need to be on our watch.
The Victor Smith episode is a clear testimony to the fact that the NDC does not really understand the changes that have taken place in Ghana since 2000.
They are still operating according to their PNDC thuggish nature and Ghanaians have to tell them that we have moved on and will not allow them to take us back to the era of lawlessness and savagery.

Atta-Mills needs to drum the the rules of the game into the minds of those who are behaving like they have just been released from jail.

posekyere said...

Hi Abena,
In their minds, the about-to-get -ready-to-govern party thinks that they are the law and therefore they can do as they please.
The foremost responsibilty of JAM as at now is to assemble his ministerial team and present it to the legislature for confirmation.
Today,we are being told that the cabinet will be in place by 31 January; almost a month after the elections. In my opinion the ECOWAS meeting was not a priority. JAM should not start his presidency by painting a picture of himself as an indecisive overly cautious let's-sleep-over-it-and-then-see-what-happens leader.
Hopefully he will govern by a solid set of priorities after the confirmation of his cabinet.


novisi said...

man! i love such faya! it's sweet!

i was not impressed at all about the matter how it introduces Mills to whatever international scene...i don't understand that logic and maybe that's why i won't accept such explanation...that trip was at a cost to the nation! who says Mills won't be known unless he attends such meetings!???? (4 q marks there). i don't accept such...but well...

and nonsense of all, the ECOWAS body went there to decide to suspend Guinea... i wonder when such fantasies would stop... let them face reality like Abdulai Wade has shown! for Victor Smith, i've head the story and i've head his version... the against says he was there with old 'muscle' commandos ...they are called 64...and these 64 are part of the Ghana Armed forces...meanwhile Smith himself says he was there as part of the transition to see to something about security (he's member of transition team)...and then while there they noticed some folks were trying to LOOT (word, mine) the nation and so decided to stop them and in so doing there was NO muscle flex... well..., it's an interesting situation...who do you believe...??? my judgement? difficult to tell!

cheers man

posekyere said...

Hi Novisi,
I really don't think JAM has evil intentions whatsoever. I sincerely believe that he has a really good heart and mind.
The expected problems going forward are those premised on his ability to call to order the elements within his party who are already clamouring for a vendetta against JAK and his team.
Whilst I don't think JAM gave a go-ahead for Victor Smith to do what he did, it is nevertheless, unnerving to realise that he has remained completely silent on the matter.
The era where one could just summon a group of soldiers to go and do something which was self-serving, wayward, unprofessional and unconstitutional must never be allowed to resurface in the politics of Ghana.
It reminds me of a bunch of undisciplined, bloodthirsty brutes of a bygone era, rounding up and murdering innocent judges for being perceived enemies of a self-serving regime.
God forbid if there is a resurrection of such atrocities under the watch of Atta-Mills.He surely knows that the only authorisation required by the hotheads to graduate from one form of brutality to a much more chilling one is simply a conniving silence on the part of those in power.
If he does not speak out now, it may be too late to manage the consequence of his costly silence!

Adaeze said...

lol, Posyekere, love your style of writing as always!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Just so you know, tomorrow, 15 Jan 09, is our universal blogpost day for January, and the theme is to pick any historical figure at all and conjecture what they'd have blogged about if they were alive today. The Heading would be something like "If they could blog: A view from Ghana". Cheers.

posekyere said...

Thanks for the compliment, Adaeze.
How was the holidays in Naiga?

posekyere said...

Fantastic idea, Nana Yaw.
I will see what comes along.
Thanks for the invitation.

Adaeze said...

It was lovely and I miss it too much already. If you gave me the money I'd be right back on the plane today! Haha :) I'll try to write about it on my blog

Adaeze said...

by the way did you get my comment on "enoughist?" I don't know if something was wrong with our server when I posted it.

posekyere said...

Got it all right!
Thanks again for the beautiful comments.