Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Day

I have paused enough.
Now is the time to restart this business of speaking my mind, of finding my voice.
I have analysed enough.
Here is the hour to retrace the verdict of my heart, of stringing together portions fed upon.
I have taken in enough.
Now is the moment to release the streams of sacred tastes, of singing texts never hymned.
I have seen enough.
Here is the time to restate the visions of my expectations, of fondling dreams long desired.


novisi said...

did i read you once saying you did not know how to do poetry???

now this is a master act!

man, i'm reading this and i'm loving it and i'm going to do a repeat over and over again...

could i grab a copy with all compliments from you???

i appreciate loads!


posekyere said...

Thanks Nov.
I am glad that you love the poem.
I still do not consider myself 'literate' as far as poetry is concerned.
I pour out whatever I sense in my heart or whatever happens in my life.

Adaeze said...

hmm in my book you're a poet Posyekere! You have some poetic touch over every single comment you make. Maybe it' your deep and thoughtful character :-)

posekyere said...

Thanks Adaeze.
"..deep and thoughtful character" that is lovely of you.