Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ominous Silhouette Of Another Wasted Opportunity

Without sounding hyperbolic, I believe that a smart resolution of the simmering discontent within Ghana's ruling party over the ministerial nominations is as much a challenge to John Atta Mills' government as is the diminishing capacity to unearth talented and resourceful Ghanaians capable of finding creative ways of funding the economic programme in the face of the current global lending freeze and the massive risk margins being charged by ruthless loan sharks prowling in the market.
A great deal of acumen in multi-partisanship aimed at discovering critical skills and expertise for public office, as demonstrated by Barack Obama, is one of the keys that John Atta Mills and his team could have resorted to to minimize the bumpiness on the road to our economic renaissance in this season of business unusual.
Alas, John Atta Mills has demonstrated that he is cut in the mold of the old school of cut and paste politics. He is blindly sticking to what has been done before without much success by the NDC: a stale, traditional and business-as-usual approach to national governance in spite of the dramatically changing environment we find ourselves in at the moment.

No boldness, no creativity, no freshness, no out-of-the-box attempt to go beyond the feeble lines drawn long ago in the sand by unimaginative and mediocre neanderthal politicians of our painful past.
For his total lack of imagination and visionary foresight, I clearly see an ominous silhouette of another wasted opportunity looming large in the horizon.
Ghanaians may as well prepare for a repeat wallow in the quagmire.


novisi said...

good one...
personally i don't have any magic economic expectations of the Mills administration.

in fact i never expect this from even Obama or any other government anywhere since all the talk of economics is mixed with cheap political talk and absurd economic indicators like gdp, inflation etc without much reference to 'proper and fair distribution' of wealth generated from our resources!!!

what i consider VITAL and urgent is the elimination of THIEVERY of our money (the small we have) as much as possible!

you did not define what you term 'no freshness', 'no boldness, 'no creativity' etc, therefore i can't comment too much on those. but i get a general view!

specifically, i'm not impressed about the fact that the number of ministries have not been DRASTICALLY REDUCED!!!

a simple one is the fact that we can do without ministers and deputies for the 10 regions. It's a waste!

for a country of only 22 million pple i think the reduction by four is a cheap play on my sensibility! what is the use of ministry of women and children for instance? what is the difference b/n ministry communication (which deals with technology) and ministry of science and technology??

i don't get all the duplications? and then there is ministry for chiefs and culture or so. how crazy of Mills!

and then on the issue of reconciliation i see only religious promotions without work! why won't Mills visit the pple of Agbogbloshie instead of organising church and mosque services! so cheap!!!

those for me are key... as for the economic front i have my own philosophies which don't make me expect any magic! for example i don't like all the talk about industrialization and oil as way forward.

cheers man!

posekyere said...

Gee Novisi,
I wish I could arrange a tit-a-tit for you with JAM to share some of your concerns.
Let us hope that he will prove us all wrong in a positive way.
Hey, wonders do happen, you know!