Monday, February 23, 2009

The Tragic Arbitrariness Of The Momentarily Crowned

Are the ever-increasing cases of arbitrariness in the Ghanaian society a sign of blissful incompetence on the part of the new kids on the block or are they an ominous telltale sign of the resurrection of a sadistic and barbaric dispensation? Is it a case of the leopard unable to change its spots or a rather pernicious manifestation of some deep-rooted monstrosity beginning to rear its ugly head? Whatever the case may be, Ghanaians cannot, should not and must not allow the shackles of lawlessness and duplicity to be re-imposed on them after the freedom from the brutal oppressions of the past . Whilst John Atta Mills continues to reiterate promises of decency, the rule of the law, justice and unity, hordes of NDC thugs from North to South, East to West are unleashing a campaign of savage terror on ordinary Ghanaians without even a whim of disapproval from the powers that be.
Gee, how absolute power corrupts! Now NDC thinks they are in charge so they can do as they please, brutalise who they choose to, when they choose to without any regard for due process and the constitutional rights of their targets. Such is the nauseating arbitrariness of the current regime in Ghana!
John Atta Mills promised to do things differently, alas we are witnessing a state of affairs akin to the what prevailed under a by gone era. Pal, how else would you explain the following occurrences:
  • Members of the previous government being humiliated in broad-day light by being booted out of their personal vehicles and the vehicles subsequently driven to the seat of the government. Why do they have to drive the cars to the environs of the presidential offices? Doesn't Atta Mills have much more weightier national issues to deal with? Why are the cars not being driven to the police pools, for example? Where is the decency, the decorum, and due process? Another question is: why are they targeting vehicles and not immovable properties? It appears to me that the current government is manifesting a great deal of misplaced priorities. To them a car is the ultimate possession. NDC is not just in power, they are the power, so they they do as they please. What has been the response of the government? They simply said sorry, but the lawlessness continues unabated.
  • The shameful interference in the recruitment drive of the Ghana armed forces. We are now being told that hundreds of young Ghanaian men and women already recruited before the election of John Atta Mills are to be sent packing because some people in the present regime are not happy with the population of certain ethnic groups amongst those recruited. They are eager to reconstitute an entirely new recruitment drive to achieve a preconceived tribal ratio which is acceptable to them. This is ethnic purging, if you ask me. What is the government response to this allegation? Silence.
  • The unlawful attempt to retrench all the security details of the former government. Since when did it become a crime to be deployed as a an officer to guard government officials. What is the response of the John Atta Mills government? A shrug!
  • The Offices of certain assemblies being invaded by thugs and hoodlums on the pretest that a new government is in power so the people in charge so leave immediately. Some people were beaten and robbed in the chaos that ensured. What does the government do to these thugs? Absolutely nothing.
  • A number of Ghanaians being threatened to pack up and leave where they are residing by NDC thugs. Some have already been killed and others maimed. What does the government do or say? Nothing.

All the above and many others clearly point to the re-emergence of self-serving arbitrariness in the land.

If this is what Ghanaians voted for and are therefore keeping mum to this tragedy unfolding right before their eyes, then Ghanaians do not know that they do not know what they really want!


patrick said...

Men what is up with ghanaians and Cars, as a young man growin up during the early rawlings AFRC and early part of the pndc it kinda hit me that most of the prosecution that went on was based on how many cars a person had meaning you had a car you were an enemy of the state.It looks like we back to square one again with these thugs head JJ rawlings he is the biggest looser in ghanaian history,let say this JJ is controlling the national security setup from his ridge residence and Atta mills can not anything about it...It will all come to pass....bye..

Sijui said...

These are some weighty allegations indeed my friend!!! Whilst I await the facts to prove themselves, you have sensitized me to being more vigilant. Seems dimwitted and short sighted to start targeting the ethnic majority in Ghana whilst you remain in the minority.....but again, I will wait for more facts to come out before I render judgement.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Wow! Venting all round. I have not heard of some of the events you narrate here. Will look into them for myself. But I also have the invasion of private cars, assemblies, bus pools, public toilets etc in the name of changed government!

posekyere said...

Welcome Patrick,

Like you, I have wondered why Ghanaians place so much importance on cars. It is because we are shallow and showy? The desire for what is flashy and bling-bling is really a misplaced priority.
Instead of cherishing and appreciating enterpreneurism and the creation of sustainable wealth, we as a people have been hijacked by a value system that worships the pursuit of the transient, the acquisition of objects of no intrinsic value and an envy for trash.
A mindset that is short-termist, mundane and shallow does not build a nation.
We have forgotten the old-age Shakespearean admonition:all that GLISTERS is not gold!

posekyere said...

Hi Sijui,
These are all facts.
The tragedy that took place in Rwanda and to some extent Burundi was premised on the fact that the armed forces and other security services of state were ethnically cleansed of the majority and inundated with the minority.
This has always been the surest way to ethnic disharmony.
Why can't our public servants put Ghana first instead of these ethnicity-driven machiavellian tactics.
It is so unnecessary.

posekyere said...

Gee NY,
You check the concerns raised for yourself.
What really irks me the most is this mysterious acceptance of all the arbitraries that politicians embark on once they are voted into power.
It is as if Ghanaians believe that the whoever is in government has been voted by Ghanaians to do as they please and so we are expected to endure the absurdities until a new party is voted into power, only for them also to concote their own version of insanities.
By the way, I for one never really knew the enterpreneurial importance of public toilets until John Atta Mills and his team came to town as the party in power!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Great, thought provoking post - thanks for sharing (and informing those of us slightly out of the loop..!)
Have a nice day,
India J (Ekua)..:)

posekyere said...

Hi Ekua,
Thanks for passing through again.
It appears to me that the NDC has decided to persecute everything and anything with NPP links.
I hope the NPP takes to the courts sooner rather than later. They should not simply voice their disappoitment about what is happening. They should do something about it before the cancer spreads through the system and becomes incurable.
Atta Mills will not lift a finger even though he knows what is going on is illegal, because he wants to appease the hotheads in the camp.