Monday, November 3, 2008

Rising Up to His Cheers!

A couple of friends are planning a vigil on Tuesday night.
I must be a witness of this unprecedented HIStory- making of Barack Obama, the cool brother. With the votes already rolling in since the start of the early voting season, I take the stand to predict that That One is indeed the next occupant of the white House!
I don't know about you but I am getting the shampagnes ready.
A braai will set us in the mode for an all-night gig of negritudinal proportions.
Before you crucify me for celebrating prematurely remember this is the first time an African -American is so close to ascending the American Throne. And we will back him up with our support, prayers and positive vibes on his final stretch home.
The psychological boost of an Obama win to millions of black people under the sun will be far-reaching and perhaps, who knows, it is a prophetic sign of the long-awaited rennaisance of Africa and the emergence of all her beautiful children of colour in glory and stature .

"Yes, we can" is fast becoming "Yes, we did it".


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I asked a friend a single question today. I know my honest answer. Does everybody else have have one? What is the reason you love Barack Obama?

novisi said...

yo yo yo!

I feel it fact I See A Coming...

I'm not one who is really into the negritude thang...cos i'm trying to transcend the skin...into's a personal crusade...

and it's the reason why i'm in love with obama...cos i see him transcending the collour of the skin too...i saw him on tv when he did his speech to multitudes of mainly Caucasians and i could just not help but see him as a citizen of the world for sure...

so i love obama not because he's black but because he comes close (yes close cos i don't support his American stance on the middle east regarding Israel) home to where i want to see HOPE instead of FEAR!!!

black or white does not matter if we can have hope at least...


posekyere said...

Nana Yaw!
I guess Obama is really a phenomenon, a novelty, an intriguing peculiarity nuanced by an irresistibly composed charisma and persuasiveness.
I somehow sense hope from his corner.

posekyere said...

Strong points! Novisi.

I salute your knack for keeping to the middle-of-the-road common-sense!
My attraction towards Obama is far beyong the colour of the skin. It has more to do with what his inspired leadership can bring to the whole world; inter alia the can-do spirit which will be unleashed among many black people.

That, I believe, is a noble expectation in itself.