Saturday, November 15, 2008

Football: towards 2010

In exactly 572 days from today, the attention of the whole world will be focused on South Africa.

The South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, dubbed the African World Cup, is expected to be the best soccer showpiece thus far. It is projected to push up the tourism and FDI benefits for South Africa and the entire continent

Meanwhile, billions of Rands are being poured into the construction of venues, road networks, airports, hotels and, perhaps, the most exciting of all, the rapid rail system called the Gautrain. The spill-overs, in the form of construction jobs, skills transfer, entrepreneurship, etc; are expected to lead to significant boost of the local economy in the long-term.
So, you, football fans out there, begin to prepare for an unrivalled soccer-fest with a serious afro-chic flavour. The party-- for those of you party animals-- is bound to be huge, like nothing you have ever seen before.
Whilst there have been some concerns expressed about the crime situation in South Africa, the government is putting in place the requisite security measures to ensure the safety of fans and visitors.
Let's hope that the Black Stars qualify to participate in this global festival!
Would love to see the Ghana flag fly high! Ghana commands a bit of respect among South Africans as far as football is concern. Besides, we have a number of Ghanaians playing in the local league.
One thing though, Bafana Bafana need your fervent prayers to wake up from the self-induced slumber else, they are bound to be the weakest link in the fiesta. And that, I believe, is a sure damp squid!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Hey, great post. All about the preparations in a nutshell. Maybe you should update us more often. Then we can all debate it and whip up some excitement in our own way. We'll pray for Bafana Bafana and the Black Stars, but we still hold the most hope in Nigeria and Cameroon. Or not.

posekyere said...

Thanks Nana,
I guess a little bit of update now and then will be okay.
Nigeria, it seems to me, has the unenviable tendency to disappoint at the crucial moments. I won't vouch for them very much.

Cameroun, I suppose has potential. We shall see.