Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hands on the Arc of History!

The night of 4 November 2008 will forever be remembered not just as a historic night but crucially as one of awe and profound victory!
This victory is not for Obama and America only but for all people that have longed-for a new way of doing things.
Hearing the President-elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, speak at the Grant Park rally, I could feel my eyes swell with tears of overwhelming joy and I knew in my heart that the world as we know is about to change beyond the wildest dreams that ever existed in the hearts and minds of the most imaginative among us.
Indeed a new dawn of inspired leadership is upon us.
The die has been cast. The verdict has been emphatic and monumental.
The voice of the American people have thundered so utmostly distinctly and forcefully.
The change we all, Americans and non-Americans, have so much longed-for has now chanced upon us in such a spectacular fashion.
Here is the fulfillment of the dream of Dr Martin Luther King, the dream of many millions of people throughout America and beyond.
This victory, to me , is the opportunity for hope and goodwill to thrive throughout the world.
May this spirit of global inspiration lead our generation to create lasting change in every corner of the globe.
Long live Barack Hussein Obama Jnr!
Long live the dream for a better world for all!
Bless you all.