Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fifth Time Lucky?

It is interesting how certain straight forward transactions in life can be turned into unattainable feats by the bureaucrats who have been employed to serve Joe public.
I drove my superior half, BOS, to one of the Motor Vehicle Licensing Departments for her to confirm a booking for her driver's test in two weeks time.
It is ridiculous that, this is the fifth attempt to obtain a document which merely proves a competency that she has demonstrated for all who care to see long time ago. If only these tests were objective as they are supposed to be!

Many are the instances where an examiner will ask the driver about to be tested how much dough he/she is willing to dole out in order to smoothen what could be a bumpy drive on the test ground. Those who decide to trust in their own competence are damned then and there to instant failure. Such is the frustration, that many would-be drivers simply go and buy the license without even showing up for the test. Is this, perhaps, why there are so many accidents on our roads?
A persistent woman that she is, she is confident that this time the urge to do what is right will override the pursuit for personal financial gain in the mind of the examiner.
I really want to believe with her that, this time, it will be fifth time lucky!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

the most unbelievable part of this shame is that they brazenly fail an otherwise competent person (who refuses to give a bribe) several times with no fear that their own corruption and incompetence will be found out on the pain of dismissal.

posekyere said...

Hi Nana Yaw,

The total disregard for decency and the blazen corruption is simply unacceptable.
Even though almost everybody knows what is going on, no measures are being put in place to bring them to book.
Having broken the rules for so long without any consequences, most of them are singing to themselves MC Hammer's 'you can't touch this'.