Friday, October 31, 2008

Ionizing the Creative Juices

The best way to predict the future, they say, is to create it.
It is really amazing how unbelievably creative some people are.
I have always considered myself pretty creative. In my own mind, at least, I comforted myself that I was a cool chap with a solid top. All that self-induced legerdemain came crashing down when I sat to be assessed for the sole purpose of finding my spot on the scale of creativity.
Gee whiz, have I deceived myself! Where have I been hiding!
The encounters of the past few weeks have birthed a radical hunger in me.
It is a pursuit for creative excellence.
I have certainly come to a firm conclusion that I need to be adroit at keeping the creative juices flowing at appreciable levels far beyond personal comfort. On supercharging the brain check this.

Well, talking of the seminar that started it all, I learnt a few things. These are:
  1. The brain and the heart have similar properties to the soil. They are centres of monumental creative potential. Their productive capacities cannot be compared to that of any other part of the human being. Whereas the womb can be barren, there is no such thing as a barren brain or a barren heart. Whatever is sown in them and carefully tendered will eventually yield a massive harvest. Most people have taught themselves to follow either the heart or the mind, the secret is both must to be employed to create synergy.
  2. It is extremely important to develop a persona that focuses on finding solutions as opposed to finding faults. Where there are problems, one needs to go beyond them in a cool and deliberate manner and begin to imagine the opportunities, ideas and solutions that are possible. The more time spent on thinking creatively about issues, the greater the capacity that is unleashed to find solutions. There is always a bigger picture behind what we are confronted with and one creative thought will induce more creative thoughts. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs and budding businesspeople.
  3. The ability to make good decisions consistently is an art that can be mastered and employed in every situation. The critical question to ask always is "what opportunities and ideas can be created out of this situation?" Even out of the most difficult and painful situations, very profoundly creative solutions can be found. A quality decision to make a good choice will unleash a stream of good outcomes and induce the Multiplier Effect in our lives.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all a super November!

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