Friday, October 17, 2008

"A Better Ghana" vs " A New Ghana"

Having looked at the mutterings of the two main political parties in Ghana and the themes of their political campaigns, I am convinced that the essence of their messages is essentially similar.
The NPP chants "A New Ghana" and the NDC bellows "A Better Ghana".
While I believe that a new Ghana must lead to a better Ghana, I guess all of them are selling an agenda of change. I am at least encouraged by the fact that none of them is preaching a message of sankofa. Ghana cannot continue to be mired in the pit of poverty and underdevelopment. We need to keep on transforming for the better in order to generate a momentum of progress and modernisation across the entire Ghanaian society.
I suppose continuously pushing for change is our only escape velocity out of our present predicament.
Whilst there have been some oases of change in the landscape of the country, the much needed transformation of the human resources has been awfully slow. A Shopping Mall or two filled with imported products and the rise of a few rich individuals will not lift Ghana out of rank of the least developed countries. We need to develop an abrasive attitude towards becoming gernerators of wealth instead of importers and consumers of what other people have produced.

Having said that I believe each and every individual in their own small way need to work towards an agenda of personal transformation. Following the routine of the past will definitely not help us no matter who we elect to lead our beautiful nation.
Personally, I have vowed never to become a victim of routinism.
For me the busy-ness of a routine life is as suffocating as it can be. So I have devised ways of combating routinism without compromising my productivity and the quality of work I put in at the end of the day.
The three basic reforms I am choosing to adhere to are:
  1. I will try to do something different every day. A non-reckless adventure is invigorating and has the capacity to unleash a great deal of positive vibe. ( Hopely this doesn't become a routine in itself)
  2. I will take the responsibilty to get to know new people as often as is possible. This I believe will lead to a network of great friendships and create arenas of influence.
  3. I will embrace change as it come or initiate change where necessary. I will take the needed steps to do whatever it takes to transform myself and positively affect those around me.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Hi there,

about the similar platforms of the NPP and the NDC, I agree.

About the need for change, re-invention and rediscovery everyday, I couldn't agree with you more.

posekyere said...

For some time now I have felt like sharing with you a piece of what rings up in me every time I read your postings.
So let me spill it out.
Have you ever thought of running for public office?
I really feel you have what it takes to affect change in people's lives.
Think about that Nana Yaw!!!

novisi said...

i disagree that the NDC and the NPP has same message of really...cos the NPP is sounding that they want to continue the 'good' works of Kufuor!

and that makes me scares me off...cos for me by measuring Kufuor against all our potential...(not even his own failed promises) but our collective potential...i see nothing but a filthy so terrible it's crazy it's nonsense...

So let's be clear...the only parties promising change are the opposition parties...if even as a matter of course...

and I disagree too that it's just so good that none is promising sankofa! As far as i know sankofa does not only present what is bad. It's a sage that tells that it's not all about the past that is bad.

so it's important that while we may even come to agree that there's nothing really new under the sun...sankofa can always be a bad thing...cos all the call for newness, rediscovery and all still could find space in sankofa...

I mean Obama becoming president of US hopefully would only present sankofa to the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. and the many many many more before him who have long believed in the unity of human beings!

but I agree with you that we must change and keep changing till we get there!

So I agree with you...only that I wanted to situate my agreement properly...

cheers man!

posekyere said...

Hi Novisi!
Distinctly professorial.

Exhuastively and forcefully presented arguments.
Thanks for at least partially agreeing with me. Probably I need to check out detailly the manifestoes of the two political parties in order to unearth the difference that you have certainly discovered for yourself.
Thanks again.