Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am beginning to awaken to the fact (to me at least) that there are certain concepts, principles, ideas or buzz words that broadly define, accentuate and encapsulate every one of the 52 weeks, and by extension the 12 months, in the year!
Whilst I frankly can not produce a thesis to back up this whimsical 'discovery' in my mind, I suspect that it can help simplify and perhaps improve life considerably. So I am beginning to subject it to evidential analyses to determine its reliability and efficacy.
Will you join me in doing this for yourself? This is what we will do:
  1. From Sunday to Saturday write down all the recurring principles, ideas, concepts and buzz words that invade your space uncontrollably. The dorminant or most recurrent of them is the focus of the next week.
  2. Proactively challenge yourself to practice the attributes of the buzz word throughout the week that follows.
  3. Jot down the changes you witness in your life as well as the remarks of those around you.
  4. We will all then post our verdicts in the first week of 2009 on our respective blogs!
Last week, for instance, my ears were extraordinarily opened to the concept of "Thanksgiving". There was a heightened attention in my heart as well as mind towards the need to be more thankful and appreciative of the life around me. It was clearly the buzz word for the whole week.
So I will be expressing lots of gratitude and thankfulness throughout this week.
So far the prevailing principle for this week is "Creativity".
This probably is due to the fact that on Saturday I attended a superb seminar on the topic of "unleashing the creative potential in you" and have been bombarded by the word literally every day ever since. More on the the concept of creativity in the next post.

Thank you all for reading!


Maya said...

What an exciting challenge, Posekyere. I promise to give it a go, it's good to challenge oneself and give our self-development a push. Will hopefully have my results ready for you in a week's time!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Where did you get this idea from? I know, nowhere. It just came. Sounds like a challenge, no, a CHALLENGE. I will try it and see if it works.

(BTW, I am thinking about asking that we make you an honourary member of our Bloggers-in-Ghana mailing group. Would you like that?)

posekyere said...

Hi Maya!

Thanks for agreeing to partake in the project.
I hope we will all learn something from it to better ourselves and those around us.

Thanks again.

posekyere said...

Hi Nana Yaw,

The idea,I believe,came from the occasinal itch of the subliminal factory up yonder.

I definitely would love to be made an honourary member of the Bloggers-in-Ghana mailing group.

Thanks for the kindness.