Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Learning to Follow the Subconscoius Mind

I have caught myself contemplating on the question of leadership subconsciously over the past few weeks.
I am amazed as to how my mind has a mind of its own. Sometimes I have been able to intrude on these internal discourses by chance! I wish I really knew how to train myself to track all what the subconscious mind is doing. That, I believe, is the secret of creative thinking.
Let me say that I am not an expert on leadership by any stretch of imagination nor am I reading any book on the subject at present.
However judging by the frequency with which my subconscious mind has been trekking to the subject, I have decided to make time to study the subject myself. I am even planning to pursue a Master of Business Leadership degree to help me unearth what I am missing .
Who knows I might become a better me by simply following the pioneering spirit of my mind.

If any of you have mustered the art of following your subconscious mind let me know the secret.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Dear Posekyere,

I am no leader in fact or in thinking, but I heard somewhere (and have found some serious truth in it) that if you keep a 'Thinking Book' you can learn to train, control, drive, direct, recall etc your subconscious mind. Try it.

Btw, for people like us (lol) that means 2 books to go with you everywhere. First, your writer's notebook, and the your thinking notebook.

posekyere said...

That surely explains the intensity of thought that oozes out of all your postings.
They say Einsten used only 5% of his brainpower. Imagine what we have been losing all these years?