Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Are Not Her Match!

It is said by those who really know their stuff that, a woman on an average day can spit out approximately 6000 words with ease.
This is a remarkable feat judging by the fact that most men can barely manage 2000 words in the same time span.
That means, in simple proportions, that for every word spoken by a guy, a woman is able to breathe out three effortlessly.
For most people this is a obvious fact of banal interest.
But it is a whole new ball game if you come to really grasp the implication of this gladiatorial advantage of the fairer sex.
The probability is: if your are a man, you will never be able to match your woman as far as the daily requirements for a healthy verbal self-expression is concerned. As quiet as she may appear on the surface to you, your woman's need for 'rich' conversations and communication is quite literally insatiable.
So it must become obvious to you that she will need verbal affairs.
So how do you make sure that this psychologically essential need of your woman is catered for? Simple. Introduce her to other women who are potential chatting mates.
Remember that, as a man, you are wired to meet only a third of her optimal need for interactive communication of the round, colourful and floral kind. And you know what? Your relationship will be better for it. That is a promise!


Myne Whitman said...

You know why I do not care for articles like this? Do the writers not realize yet that we're all individual and different? I actually speak less than most of the men around me, SO included. But friends never hurt, male or female.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Wow, Posekyere! What I'm about to say is sincere. I've been thinking about 'these things' for a long time. I've always felt the hunger to always develop into a better communicator with women, and felt that it is one surefire connector. But my thoughts were always crude and ill-developed. What you have written here is remarkable!

posekyere said...

I hear you MW. Lol.
I honour and recognize the individuality of every person. The fact though remains that women on average command superior verbal skills than men.
The writer has attempted to offer some form of help to men who are crying out for help to deal with the acute boredom their women are experiecing as a result of inadequate communication from the men. Friendship is the key. The truth however is that most men will never go out of their way to find male chatting mates for their women. The risk is not worth the effort.

posekyere said...

Thanks NY.
I find it difficult to believe that concerning you, Nana Yaw.
You know what? You are not alone in this. Many a man will admit to such verbal challenges.
As if it is not hard enough just being a man, now we have to worry with another problem!
Bless you my friend and enjoy the weekend.