Saturday, March 6, 2010

Advice For The Scared and The Shy

It takes just a second, two or perhaps three
  • to smile
  • to wink
  • to wave
  • to say Hi
  • to hold my hand
  • to squeeze a hug
  • to plant a kiss
  • to look into my eyes
  • to let me know I stand a chance
  • to whisper your salient point
  • to say I love you

There are 86 400 seconds in a day and over 31 536 000 in a year.

So what are you waiting for?

You will never know until you try.

Do it now.


enyonam said...

Hmm..... I do that but then, I pissed him off and even I love you doesn't seem to appease him...

At least I tried, right?

Good one man... (wink)

blogoratti said...

Food for thought..

posekyere said...

Right, enyonam.
You are on the right track.
If Y.O.U really love this pissed-off dude, this what you've got to do.
Resolve to play the tough love game. Believe me the dude is enjoying the attention he is getting.Let him know you are sorry for whatever got him pissed off but the childish game must stop and then just walk away as only a girl can do.
Don't back down until he comes back to his senses.

posekyere said...

Yes blogoratti.
That is the idea.

Tisha said...

y' know
the little time in ur busy times matter se'
yeah, i get you!

Esi W. Cleland said...

Cos sometimes it's not worth it. You love him. You tell him you love him. He takes that love for granted. You don't need the kind of relationship in which you give and give and give and never quite loves you you let it go, and tell yourself, you can't have 'em all. Or rather that you deserve more than this one can give you.

posekyere said...

Yes, Tisha.
I am happy for you..., you get me. Lol.
BTW, I like your portrait.
I think you are beautiful.

posekyere said...

I think you are right to some extent,Esi.
A sustainable relationship can never be one where the giving (of love) is in one direction and the recieving the other.
I think that this problem in relationships where one partner-frequently the man- may appear to be taking the love of the other for granted is mainly premised on a low level of self-confidence.
As a man, I can identify with men who struggle with 'living out their love' in ways that move modern women. Emotional intelligence is our weakest link.
For most men even the elememtary actions of love that a woman may take for granted is a steep learning curve.
Sometimes the problem stems from battles in the dude's own mind regarding his ability to match the financial status of the lady. In this case he begins to say to himself 'what can I possibly do for this woman that she cannot do for herself?', so he end ups doing nothing, because in his mind his efforts are pathetically inadequate for the woman.
It is psychological.

enyonam said...

@ Esi: Thanks for sharing. What you are saying is true.. But we know how hard it is in practice.. Anyways, in the end you must use your head instead of your heart..Right?

@ Posekyere: I think that showing someone you love them doesn't necessarily have to be through financial means or gifts.. You see, the secret is that the little things guys take for granted are the same things ladies take seriously...

posekyere said...

Dear enyonam.
Thanks for putting your points across so forcefully.I firmly believe that a strong-minded woman is a treasure in any relationship.
Would love to sit down with you one day and have an intelligent conversation on any matter.

Anonymous said...

done all, but the last thing... he's too shy and too hurt by another woman to open up... and I dont want to dig my own grave with love confessions. I guess its still better regretting things you HAVE done (or at least tried), than the ones you havent even attempted. Oh, well...

posekyere said...

I get you, moonlightam.
It must be said that the journey of love is always a potential minefield. You get screwed( huh?), hurt and even burnt now and again, but you learn to brush the pain aside and move on.
You can help quicken the healing process of the brother by the showing him genuine TLC.
Let your loving be in deeds rather than words. No rushing at all.
He will get over it eventually. Just hang around.