Monday, March 8, 2010

A Big Fat Bigoted Loser

A demented bigoted bore
Cold-hearted and frozen to the core
Perched on a wall in the neighborhood
With a penchant for war against negrohood
Still living in the bubble of apartheid's pampered airs
He dishes out generous loads of unimaginable slurs
Those favoured with continental pigment are his stoke
Having lost his bread and butter to a melanin-rich bloke


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Thanks for your words - it's great to read your work again...
Powerful words - thought provoking and fresh :)

Anonymous said...

Very few words with a WHOLE lot of meaning. I'm still amazed to find bigots in this day and age. Hopefully such colonial thinkers will erase themselves from the gene pool.

posekyere said...

Thanks Here, There and ...
As you know I am a follower of your blog.And it appears to me that you have been away from these shores for quite some time.
I am happy that you are back in business.

posekyere said...

Thanks Daixy!
The idea of letting go of one's privilege is quite a hard thing to do, especially for somebody who has come to believe that his/her race is superior to all others.
Having said that, I believe that bigotry is a symptom of a mental sickness.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Oooooh, the soul of wit have you! I'm guessing the inspiration for this is real. I like this style. Shame to all bigots.

posekyere said...

Yes, NY.A big shame to all bigots.
This son of 'somebody' is stationed only a few houses away from me.